Board of Directors

  • 1.The Board of Directors consists of nine members, all of whom have a great breadth of experience. Four of the nine directors are independent directors, which more than fulfills current regulation requirements for public companies. To strengthen management efficiency and effectiveness, the board established the "Audit Committee" and "Compensation Committee", composed entirely of independent directors. The four independent directors possess professional qualifications in the areas of legal, economic, finance and telecom and the necessary knowledge and skill for performing the duties. Both the Chairman and Vice Chairman have ample experience with the company’s operations and the business acumen to lead the company and make decisions for the best interests of the shareholders.
  • 2."The Rules for Election of the Directors" was enacted to regulate the election of the directors through adopting the candidate nomination system. "The Rules and Procedures on Evaluating Board of Directors' Performance" was enacted to conduct evaluations of the board's performance. The Compensation Committee would evaluate the board’s performance and submit a report with proposed improvements to the board.
  • 3.We believe the operations of an effective board are fundamental to the company’s sustainability. The main responsibility of the board is to supervise the company’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the timely disclosure of material information and ensure integrity in all of the company’s operations. In addition, it is essential for the board to maintain a good communication channel and positive interaction with the management team, provide a guideline for the company’s operations and make resolutions on material strategies to ensure the company’s development and shareholders’ interests.
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  • 4.

    Competency of the Directors

Board members Working Experience in Telecom Industry
Competency (Top 5)
Finance Law Economy Business Technology Investment
and M&A
FinTech Information
Risk Management CEO/Senior management Ecommerce
Daniel M. Tsai 18 V V V V V
Richard M. Tsai 18 V V V V V
San-Cheng Chang 10 V V V V V
Howard Lin 4 V V V V V
James Jeng 29 V V V V V
Jack J.T. Huang 14 V V V V V
Hsueh-Jen Sung 3 V V V V V
Chung-Ming Kuan 0 V V V V V
Char-Dir Chung 28 V V V V V

Daniel M. Tsai
Chairman, Representative of Fu Chi Investment Co., Ltd.

LL.M., Georgetown University
Vice Chairman, Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd.

Richard M. Tsai
Vice Chairman, Representative of Fu Chi Investment Co., Ltd.

MBA, Stern School of New York University
Chairman, Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

San-Cheng Chang
Director, Representative of Fu Chi Investment Co., Ltd.

Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, USA
MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, USA
Chairman, Taiwan Mobile Foundation
Chairman, beingNet Alliance
Chairman, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry

Howard Lin
Director, Representative of TCC Investment Co., Ltd.

Ph.D., Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
CIO of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

James Jeng
Director, Representative of TCC Investment Co., Ltd.

Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, New York State University, USA
President, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.

Jack J.T. Huang
Independent Director

S.J.D., Harvard University
Partner, JONES DAY, Jones Day Taipei

Hsueh Jen Sung
Independent Director

Master of Commerce, National Chengchi University
MBA, Harvard Business School
Chairman, Vaucluse Capital Management Limited

Chung-Ming Kuan
Independent Director

Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, San Diego
NTU Chair Professor and Distinguished Professor, Department of Finance, National Taiwan University

Char-Dir Chung
Independent Director

Ph.D. in E.E, University of Southern California
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University