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Enhancing digital competitiveness

  • myfone Mobile Awards:

    TWM launched the “myfone Mobile Awards” to encourage the creation of new types of literature and music in 2007. As of the end of 2016, the contest had attracted over 270,000 entries since 2007. The total prize is 500 million NTD, the highest prize is one million NTD. Meanwhile, we coordinate the winners and NPOs with making micro films which cumulative number is 23.

    In order to help achieve an outstanding singers dream, Taiwan Mobile invested a million dollars into the creation of its first original "'A I Daa Ni" (words of longing in the language of Rukai Tribe) MV, which is our first ever brand image song. This is an encouragement for artists to continue pursuing their dreams, and it is also our first music production and digital release, which opens a new window for the telecommunications industry.

  • myfone Forum:

    Upholding the corporate guiding principles of creating the best user experience for our customers, myfone Forum envisions to help consumers choose the smart mobile device that best suits them, and learn to use apps to make their lives more exciting and convenient. In 2016 myfone Forum conducted over 5,749 sessions of in-store digital skills courses at our service outlets around the country, serving over 47,000 customers.

  • Mobile Film Creation Camp for Teenagers:

    TWM has hosted this camp since 2009 to teach imaging techniques and applications, helping teenagers learn how to express their ideas through the creation of video content in order to cultivate future multimedia talent. As of the end of 2015, 158 short films had been made with 1,232 students participating.

  • Digital learning centers:

    A total of 13 digital learning centers set up in cooperation with local organizations have been in continuous operation since 2007, which provides broadband Internet, computer equipment and online multimedia teaching resources.