Taiwan Mobile Human Rights Policy

Taiwanmobile believes shaping human rights fully protected environment is inseparable with business continuity, and recognize for United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "the international human rights conventions," the International Labor Organization Convention, "" Global Compact ". We require partners operating activities, to ensure that no violation of basic human rights, so that in the company, members of the external, can get a fair and dignified treatment.

Taiwanmobile's human rights policy and the scope for subsidiaries, directly or indirectly, donor funds accumulated more than fifty percent of the Foundation and other substantive or legal control of the agencies and other group companies and organizations. This policy is divided into the four-way spindle:

Support of the international human rights conventions
We support the principles of the United Nations "Global Compact". In the part of human rights, support and respect international human rights, to ensure that no human rights violations within the company, does not violate human rights in cahoots. In the part of labor, with the United Nations, the goals enshrined in the "Declaration of Human Rights," "International Labor Organization Convention", prohibiting any form of discrimination, prohibition of forced labor and child labor, freedom of association does not prevent employees. In the environment section, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees to follow relevant laws and regulations continue to improve safety and health in the working environment, prevent accidents, reduce the risk of disaster level, to protect the safety of employees, promote employee health.
Respect for human rights in the workplace
Taiwanmobile implement workplace diversity, not because of personal gender, sexual orientation, race, class, age, marital status, language, thought, religion, party, place of birth, place of birth, appearance, facial features, disability or past trade unionists, to make the differential treatment or discrimination of any kind, and work together to create a dignity, security, equality, freedom from harassment in the work environment.
The implementation of information security
Taiwanmobile as the main provider of ICT services, in this respect for the human rights of privacy, consumer personal data security and protection of information security committee guiding the company's information security policy and supervision of the implementation of import ISO international information security management system. It involves each link to a user profile, the implementation of professional information security management system requirements, and strengthens information security staff awareness and internalized in the work activities in order to achieve the most secure, tight protection.
Respond to the needs of society with core resources
Taiwan Mobile exert characteristics of the industry, the moment occurred in natural disasters with disaster prevention broadcast messages through mobile phone messaging feature push notification to remind people pay attention to disaster prevention. After the disaster, starting from the caring society, and actively reduce the communication interruption time, slowing the loss of life and property of the client.

We have a strategy to systematically put corporate social responsibility, starting from the real needs of society, combined with their core resources to implement the concept of business continuity, access to public recognition; the use of core technical capabilities as well as telecommunications, network and digital convergence resources for social needs, particularly the practice of corporate responsibility and create greater social benefits.