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Supplier Communication

In 2018, in response to TWM's scope 3 carbon management and the target of reducing carbon emissions by 20% in the supply chain by 2030, we have advocated strengthening carbon management and climate change response in supplier capacity-building, focusing on environmental-oriented sustainable management capabilities in recent years.
CSR Exchange Conference for Suppliers
TWM holds an annual CSR exchange conferences for suppliers, through which we publicize the key points of corporate social responsibility management for suppliers, announce the results of annual CSR evaluation and risk assessment for suppliers, and invite leading sustainable suppliers, scholars and experts to share and exchange information with the participants. In 2018, there were 315 suppliers participating in the CSR Exchange Conference. In addition to inviting 6 suppliers with best annual CSR performance to share experience and receive praise, 2 suppliers who made significant progress in annual CSR performance were also invited to share their management practices in improving sustainable performance and corporate social responsibility. The sustainability risk assessment in 2018 identifies that most suppliers have not yet built a complete sustainable management system. TWM guides supplier improvement measures, such as transparency of information disclosure, environmental information management, sustainable goal setting, etc., to reduce potential risks in the overall supply chain by improving supplier's sustainable governance capability.
Training Programs for Suppliers
Through training programs for suppliers, TWM communicates and discusses with the partners on the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainable corporate development. In recent years, the topics discussed include business operation, quality control, compliance with laws and regulations, environmental protection, etc. In the training programs for suppliers in 2018, environmental management experts were invited to teach supplier enterprises on how to identify, inspect, manage and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in their operations, hoping to lead partners to achieve overall supply chain reduction. Furthermore, in order to deepen partner's understanding about suppliers' corporate social responsibility, we also promoted TWM Guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers on site, and enhanced suppliers' understanding about TWM's sustainable management objectives through education and training, so as to fulfill their social obligation.
Supplier’s Contact Information
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