Environmental Policy

With the adherence to honesty and credibility as well as the emphasis on “sustainable thinking, integrity, steadfast” as the core idea of promoting corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social participation, Taiwan Mobile is committed to building a society with low emission of carbon dioxide, providing consumers with access to communication services of smart energy, and offering satisfying experience for customers.

It is a matter of grave concern to TWM that the consequences and risks associated with climate change can cause irreversible damages to the environment. Bearing in mind such concern, TWM is dedicated to establishing a system to promote efficient management and usage of energy and resources. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of policy relevant to environmental regulations, it is also crucial to put pollution prevention into practice, strengthen the core functions of communication services, consider the potential opportunities and risks generated during each stage in the life cycle of providing products and services, and continue to improve the overall environmental management performance. To satisfy the abovementioned commitments, TWM strives to facilitate the following policies for environmental sustainability:

Complying with Environmental Protection Regulations
Follow the requirements of relevant policies and regulations for environmental protections, and continue training, education and self-examination in order to achieve prevention, improvement and development concerning environmental protection issues.
Green Purchasing to Protect Environment
Give preference to purchasing low-pollution, recyclable, and eco-friendly products to create an atmosphere of environmental-friendly consumption within the company.
Wise Energy Saving and Reduction on Carbon Emissions
By regularly examining efficiency and effectiveness of energy consumption, implementing measures for efficient energy use, improving equipment, and instilling TWM’s operational management with information and communication technologies, potential environmental impact from corporate operations can be minimized and prevented. Furthermore, specific annual plans for energy saving and carbon emissions reduction will be made, with the goal to build an eco-friendly society while maintaining the growth of business.
Sustainability through Recycling Resources
Enhance the efficiency of resource use, and improve the use of recyclable resources such as paper, water, and electricity in the office. Properly handle the collection and disposal of business waste as well as reuse of disposed yet still functioning materials.