Taiwan Mobile joins hands with TWCA to roll out fraud website prevention microservice

May 29,2024

  Taiwan Mobile helps enterprises identify and defend against fraudulent and fake websites, using AI technology to connect five major stakeholders including government agencies, law enforcement agencies, public associations, enterprises, and consumers to build an anti-fraud ecosystem. On May 31, the company announced cooperation with the Taiwan ID Center (TWID) affiliated with the Taiwan Certificate Authority (TWCA) to launch the "Website Anti-Counterfeiting Microservice" for small and medium-sized enterprises to cost-effectively detect fake websites and social media. During the tax filing season in May this year, Taiwan Mobile assisted the Fiscal Information Agency of the Ministry of Finance in identifying counterfeit websites with AI detection technology with nearly 100% accuracy. The company has successfully detected more than 20,000 fake and fraudulent websites every month by using advanced AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), image classification, and object detection, combined with big data analysis information security expertise. In just 6 months, Taiwan Mobile has identified more than 80 million network domains, helping enterprises increase their information security protection capabilities.

  According to statistics from the Criminal Investigation Bureau, NT$8.878 billion has been defrauded in 2023. The common approach for committing fraud is fraudsters setting up fake websites to trick people into clicking links in the name of investment, installment cancellations, or online auctions. Taiwan Mobile has cooperated with the TWID affiliated with Taiwan Certificate Authority to launch "Website Anti-counterfeiting Microservice", which can detect scam websites, fake domains, and fraud APPs, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to enjoy the anti-fraud service at low cost and implement information security in operations.

  The proliferation of scam-mongering has intensified the risks and pressures on corporate information security, leading to the implementation of information security as a top priority for enterprises. Taiwan Mobile Information Officer Tsai Chi-yan said that Taiwan Mobile has used its technological strength to create the first set of website anti-counterfeiting detection services in Taiwan’s telecommunications industry to help its customers implement information security protection. Combining advanced AI technologies such as natural language processing, image classification, and object detection, this service has successfully detected more than 20,000 fake websites every month and identified more than 80 million network domains, significantly reducing corporate risks. To create efficient and low-cost anti-counterfeiting solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, the collaboration with TWCA not only protects corporate reputation but also enhances customers’ trust in these enterprises.

  TWCA Vice General Manager Zhou Fang-guan said that the Taiwan ID Center focuses on credential management in multi-identity identification and certificates, electronic document signing, and data sharing. The total number of certificates issued and market share are both ahead of the competitors in the industry. The TWID further expands the authentication mechanism and provides website identification services. Customers can use TWCA’s SSL certificates and other services to implement the real-name system on the Internet while ensuring the safe transmission of each order and other information. This is a combination of TWID’s real-name authentication service, TWCA’s SSL server certificate, digital signature, and Taiwan Mobile's solid telecommunications foundation and AI technology for suspected fake website detection. By realizing the “website real-name system” and “anti-counterfeiting in websites and social media,” customers’ reputation protection capabilities on the Internet are strengthened.