Taiwan Mobile joins EV100 with 4 pledges and 2 action plans, aiming for full integration of electronic vehicles by 2030

May 10,2024

On May 10, Taiwan Mobile announced its approval for membership in EV100, a global initiative committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. By formulating four pledges and two action plans, the company has emerged as the first member among the three EV100 affiliates in the country to wholeheartedly embrace this vision. Under the “Telco+Tech” strategy, the company is integrating zero-emission initiatives into the mobility market and implementing the “Taiwan Mobility” blueprint to achieve full integration of electric vehicles by 2030, while incentivizing its employees to purchase electric vehicles through subsidy programs. Additionally, Taiwan Mobile will collaborate with industry partners such as USPACE and WeMo to establish the “EV100 ecosystem,” which will involve launching MyCharge charging stations and promoting electric vehicle ride-sharing services to facilitate the transition towards this new paradigm.


Pushing for sustainable development, Taiwan Mobile has pledged to achieve RE100 status—100% renewable electricity usage—by 2024. Furthermore, the company is committed to advocating for carbon reduction solutions among its shareholders. Through the deployment of MyCharge stations, Taiwan Mobile is facilitating the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle by alleviating concerns regarding battery usage for end users. To realize the EV100 vision by 2030, the company has formulated four main promises: transitioning all company vehicles to electric vehicles, providing mobility solutions leveraging electric vehicles through partnerships with taxi services and car rental agencies, establishing MyCharge stations nationwide, and conducting promotional campaigns to encourage electric vehicle usage. Additionally, the company has devised two action plans: promoting pure electric vehicle ride-sharing services and offering subsidies for employees to purchase electric vehicles. Through collaborations with the Tesla Supercharger and Ucharging platform, Taiwan Mobile has successfully erected over 150 charging stations in business districts, hotels, shopping centers, and parking facilities across the country. This initiative not only addresses the issue of unused parking space but also accelerates the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin highlighted the substantial carbon emissions attributed to transportation, accounting for approximately 14% of global emissions, and noted the pivotal role of transitioning to electric vehicles in carbon reduction efforts. He stated the company’s commitment to this cause, grounded in the principles of “Green” and “Grit,” embracing EV100 and leveraging its telecommunications and artificial intelligence technologies to enhance MyCharge services. He expressed Taiwan Mobile’s commitment to fostering an electric vehicle-friendly environment.


Jamie Lin emphasized a forecast from the International Energy Agency (IEA) indicating that electric cars are projected to comprise 40% of global new car sales by 2030. This statistic shows a significant paradigm shift in transportation and business models. Following this trend, Taiwan Mobile will bolster its 5G automotive IoT network and develop a diverse range of services and innovative applications, gearing towards fostering mutually beneficial solutions that promote both economic prosperity and sustainability.


Dominic Phinn, head of Transport at the Climate Group, said that they are delighted with Taiwan Mobile’s inclusion in EV100. He commended Taiwan Mobile for its ambitious commitments, highlighting its goal to transition all business vehicles to electric vehicles by 2030 and its efforts to facilitate the establishment of charging stations, thereby accelerating the adoption of electric cars across the country.


Taiwan Mobile Chief Consumer Business Officer Tony Lin said that, in order to reach the goal of 100% electrified transportation in 2030, the company formulated four pledges and two action plans. Pledge 1: Transitioning all company vehicles to electric vehicles. Pledge 2: Offering the employees an option for electric vehicle transportation by signing an agreement with taxi services and car rental agencies. Pledge 3: Setting up charging pile facilities at the company’s various sites through MyCharge services. Pledge 4: Establishing MyCharge stations across the country to encourage the public to use electric vehicles. In addition to the four commitments, there are two actions Taiwan Mobile will carry out. Action 1: Promoting ride-sharing services that utilize electric cars and motorcycles to reduce carbon emissions. Action 2: Increasing market penetration of electric vehicles to widen the effort of carbon reduction.


In 2022, Taiwan Mobile started to invest in USPACE to address the problem of unused parking spaces and drive the adoption of electric vehicles. This initiative was launched combined with Tesla Supercharger and Ucharging services. Moreover, Taiwan Mobile has leveraged its technological capabilities as a Telco company and incorporated big data to create the one-stop charging operation service “MyCharge.” Through this service, in a short time, more than 150 charging piles have been built and installed around the company's office premises, such as Taipei New Horizon Co., Ltd., Taipei Telecommunication Building, Fubon Banking Center, Fubon Xinyi A25, and other locations. The company’s employees are provided with preferential charging tariffs for their electric vehicles, resulting in a 200% higher usage rate in Taiwan Mobile business areas than that of other firms. In addition, with USPACE, users can reserve charging parking spaces at designated stations through the USPACE app and have the opportunity to rent Tesla vehicles. These actions are put in place to accelerate the development of the electric vehicle industry and move towards a net-zero future.


From four-wheeled vehicles to two-wheeled scooters, Taiwan Mobile has been comprehensively driving the transformation of low-carbon transportation by promoting the “Carbon Reduction Smart Mobility” series of activities. These activities include joining hands with WeMo Scooter, an electric scooter sharing company, to provide users with price discounts and encourage sharing instead of buying. Before December 31, those who apply for Taiwan Mobile’s 5G network project will receive a 3-month (90-day) WeMo PASS subscription redemption serial number, and enjoy 20-minute free rides on the first 3 trips every month. Additionally, users can enjoy 20% off if they reach the specified number of trips per month. Customers who visit myfone physical stores will receive a set of NT$30 (3 pieces of NT$10) WeMo riding coupon serial numbers every month. Expecting to collaborate with more sharing platforms, the company aims to work together with its customers to strive for net-zero emissions.