Taiwan Mobile collaborates with Moonbug to embark on children’s film and television market

March 20,2024

On March 20, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd announced a strategic alliance with Moonbug, a global children’s entertainment company, striving to provide users with diverse film and television content. The company will exclusively launch the Traditional Chinese version of more than 25 of Moonbug’s popular kid’s IPs on its kids and family channels—MyVideo and Momo, containing nearly 3,500 episodes. Exciting content includes “CoComelon,” a children’s program with more than 290 million fans and the most watched one on an international OTT platform, as well as “Blippi” and “The Sharksons”. In the future, Taiwan Mobile and Moonbug will co-produce programs and animation content for kids, jointly writing a new chapter in Taiwan’s children’s film and television cooperation.


Vice President of New Media of Taiwan Mobile, Daphne Lee, stated, " In addition to long-term investment in supporting local original dramas, Taiwan Mobile has also recognized the significant influence of children's audiovisual content on the growth, development, and education of future generations of future generations. We are pleased to collaborate with Moonbug, a globally renowned entertainment company loved by millions of children worldwide. The first wave of cooperation to introduce the traditional Chinese version of high-quality and enriching series content. This collaboration enables Taiwanese families to fully experience the charm of Moonbug's audiovisual offerings. Furthermore, there are more collaborations in IP development, content co-production, and live events on the horizon. Stay tuned for further developments."


Co-founder and CEO of Moonbug Entertainment, René Rechtman, stated: "As a next-generation global children's entertainment company, Moonbug is committed to providing educational and entertaining content that inspires children of different ages to learn, and grow, while fostering closer and more joyful relationships between children and parents through co-learning. We are honored to strategically collaborate with Taiwan Mobile this time and engage in comprehensive partnerships with its OTT platform "MyVideo," children's channel "momokids," and e-commerce platform " momo.com." We firmly believe that through the collective strength of these partnerships and a shared commitment to children's education, we will bring a fresh atmosphere to children's entertainment in Taiwan, allowing every family to learn together with joy."


Taiwan Mobile has cooperated with Moonbug to introduce more than 25 of its well-known IPs to Taiwan for the first time, covering nearly 3,500 episodes of entertaining content on MyVideo and Momo channels, including “Little Angel” and “CoComelon”. In addition, there is also the children’s adventure program “Blippi,” which is available in more than 20 languages ​​around the world and has an average of over one billion views each month; “Oddbods,” a story about a group of adorable protagonists with unique personalities; and the comedic fantasy animation “Morphle.” Taiwan Mobile will successively launch more than 330 episodes of audiovisual content in Traditional Chinese with expansion year by year, aiming to bring a different viewing experience to kids and family audiences of different ages through videos, songs, and games.


Apart from Moonbug’s well-received children’s programs, Taiwan Mobile also rolls out an exclusive 24-hour livestream channel on MyVideo from now on and launches a 2.5-hour comprehensive program “CoComelon Club” on the Momokids Channel from Monday to Friday, showing popular shows like “CoComelon,”  “Blippi,” “Little Angel,” and “Morphle.” Furthermore, the officially authorized products of “CoComelon,” from the most popular Bedtime JJ Doll, interactive fishing toys, to water painting learning mats and play mats for kids, are now on sale at Momo Shop online.