Singtel, AIS, Globe, HKT, Optus, Taiwan Mobile and Telkomsel collaborate to launch world’s first cross-border telco rewards programme

February 22,2024

Singtel, AIS, Globe, HKT, Optus, Taiwan Mobile and Telkomsel today announced that they have formed an Alliance to launch a first-of-its-kind cross-border rewards programme aimed at delivering greater value to eligible customers when they travel to Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan or Indonesia where the telcos are respectively based. The programme would enable travellers to earn and use rewards, claim and redeem unique deals for transport, dining, merchandise, services and enjoy other incentives when they travel to any of these markets. They would also access customer support from their telco via calls or online while overseas for free. The programme, which would be progressively rolled out in the second half of 2024, will enable customers to conveniently access and redeem unique benefits seamlessly from their individual telco apps while travelling.


Mr Tony Lin, Chief Consumer Business Officer of Taiwan Mobile, said, “Imagine browsing authentic Taiwanese souvenirs while waiting for your flight, and paying for all your purchases using your loyalty points! That's the exciting innovation we're bringing to travellers through the Telco Rewards Alliance. In partnership with renowned online retailers and trusted travel agencies, we're creating a curated ‘Taiwan Delights Pavilion’ where you can redeem points for unique local finds, from hand-crafted teas to exquisite tech gadgets. Over ten million travellers across the Alliance’s participating telco networks can seamlessly access local data plans, convenient airport transfers, and unforgettable experiences, all within a few taps on your phone. This initiative will revolutionise travel convenience and customisation for our customers. Join us and discover the magic of Taiwan, one delightful reward at a time!”


Ms Anna Yip, Chief Executive Officer, Business Development, Singtel, said, “We value our customers’ loyalty and want to enhance their travel experience. With this unique reciprocal rewards programme, our customers can access exciting local rewards and offers when they visit any of the markets within the Alliance. For inbound tourists, we’re making it easier for them to get the most value while exploring Singapore, thereby strengthening Singapore’s position as an iconic destination.  We’re starting with our regional partners but plan to expand this programme to cover key travel corridors and popular destinations globally so our customers will have an even wider array of opportunities and new experiences to enjoy when they’re abroad.” 


Mr Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business at AIS, said, "The collaboration in this project marks a significant global milestone, as major telecommunications service providers in the Asian region come together to enhance customer care across borders with the concept of the world's first cross-border telco rewards. This sets a new standard in the telecommunications industry, aiming to enhance the ultimate experience and exclusive privileges for AIS customers when travelling and using services from partner networks in six destinations. Likewise, customers of these partner networks, when traveling to Thailand, and choosing AIS services, will receive special privileges prepared by AIS, akin to being AIS customers. This collaboration reflects our commitment to continuously care for customers through exceptional experiences even when they travel abroad, while also providing opportunities to promote the tourism industry in each destination, further strengthening it."


Mr Darius Delgado, Head, Consumer Mobile Business at Globe, said, “As a brand focused on providing unique experiences as our differentiator and having a deeper relationship with our subscribers, we are excited to partner with other leading telcos in the region through this Rewards Alliance to elevate the travel experience of our subscribers well beyond just connectivity. Through this programme, we will be able to give cross-border perks, experiences and exclusive offers to our subscribers when they travel to partner destinations. With this, we can ensure that when yuppies travel with GOMO PH, they are in for an adventure of a lifetime!”


Ms Monita Leung, CEO of Digital Ventures, HKT, said, "Supported by HKT’s diverse business portfolio, our loyalty platform, The Club, has been steadily broadening its products and services with travel and lifestyle offerings, along with unique experiences such as pre-screenings and priority concert bookings. Through this collaboration, we are delighted to extend these privileges to travellers from the Alliance visiting Hong Kong, enriching their local travel experiences.  Moreover, HKT customers can relish the convenience of a seamless journey and take advantage of enticing cross-border special offers when travelling to markets within the Alliance.”


Mr Matt Williams, Managing Director of Customer Solutions at Optus, said, “We are thrilled to be part of the launch of this pioneering travel rewards programme, representing our commitment to enhancing the lives of our valued Optus customers. We know that Australians love to travel abroad, and that people love to travel to Australia – with over 35 million travellers to and from Australia each year. This programme is an innovative way for us to deliver compelling experiences within our partner alliance spanning six other destinations, demonstrating the power of being part of the Singtel Group. We are looking forward to bringing this programme to our customers soon and invite them to join us in these unique experiences.”


Mr Derrick Heng, Chief Marketing Officer at Telkomsel, said, “In the wake of the pandemic, there has been a notable surge in the number of Indonesian youths venturing abroad, encouraged by reduced airfares and more lenient visa policies. Reflecting Telkomsel's steadfast dedication to pioneering innovations and surpassing customer expectations, we are proud to introduce the world's first cross-border telco rewards programme. This pioneering initiative aims to enrich the international travel experience, offering them superior benefits and the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique local experiences just like a local. Additionally, we anticipate that this programme will deliver added value to the subscribers of our telco partners, as well as Telkomsel and by.U, by complementing the competitive pricing and seamless network experience synonymous with our all-digital telco brand designed specifically for the youth demographic.”