Taiwan Mobile Selected as a Constituent of the Taiwan Sustainability Index for Six Consecutive Years

December 29,2023

Taiwan Mobile actively promotes sustainable development while pursuing economic growth in the field of information and communication technology. For six consecutive years, it has been selected as a constituent stock in the "Taiwan Sustainability Index," the first domestic investment-oriented ESG index that combines ESG and financial indicators.


The Taiwan Sustainability Index is based on the stocks of listed companies in Taiwan among the constituents of the FTSE4Good Emerging Market Index that qualify through a preliminary review. The constituent stocks are then selected through financial indicators and published sustainability reports to commend the Taiwanese companies that contribute to efforts for sustainable development and comply with the index rules. The purpose is to provide investors with indicators for selecting listed companies with excellent ESG performance.


Taiwan Mobile considers sustainable governance the highest guiding principle for company operations. The company’s independent directors make up more than half of the seats on the board, and the “Sustainable Development Committee” has been upgraded to the board level. With the chairman Daniel Tsai serving as the convener and five independent board members, more than two meetings are held every year to supervise the progressing of sustainable development. Employees and senior managers voluntarily set sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and work together to promote the "2035 Zetta Connected 2.0" campaign, aligning with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Incorporating the company's core Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expertise with sustainability principles, Taiwan Mobile will launch the certified second-hand mobile phone program in the first quarter of 2024. The first of its kind in the industry, aims to boost the purchase of second-hand mobile phones to reduce electronic waste and lengthen the cycles of mobile phones. At the same time, Taiwan Mobile will launch the MyCharge platform and establish charging stations for electronic vehicles around the country to encourage the public to choose environmentally friendly travel options and broaden the carbon-reduction initiatives to the shared mobility market.


Taiwan Mobile is actively investing in green energy, including the development of solar energy in the first phase and wind energy in the second phase. The company employs three main strategies to promote renewable energy. Firstly, the involvement in the research and development of new clean energy resources such as geothermal and marine energy, along with supporting the Academia Sinica’s research in methane pyrolysis; secondly, the acceleration of low-carbon operations; and thirdly, the increase of green energy usage. These strategies are adopted to ensure that the company moves greatly toward the 2040 goal of using 100% renewable energy sources. These initiatives are also expected to contribute to 90% of the 2050 net-zero goal. The remaining portion will be achieved through additional carbon-neutral initiatives and carbon offset purchases.


Taiwan Mobile’s merger with Taiwan Star allowed the shutdown of one base station infrastructure and the closing down of one of the four 5G network highways, which will save up to 100-200 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. Forming a new “5G Team Taiwan,” Taiwan Mobile will integrate the disintegrated 60MHz and 40MHz in the 3.5GHz spectrum utilizing the 5G NR Carrier Aggregation technology, providing the highest 100MHz 5G bandwidth to the users. To strengthen basic communication infrastructures and eliminate digital disparities, the company aims to complete the network integration operations by the end of 2024 and increase the 5G network population coverage to 98% in 2025.