A Milestone in Zero Carbon Hydrogenic Energy Taiwan Mobile Joins With Fubon Financial to Present the Academia Sinica Methane Pyrolysis Chair

December 06,2023

Taiwan Mobile (TWM) and Fubon Financial have jointly presented a net-zero technology research and development chair, commending Academia Sinica’s Methane Pyrolysis net-zero technology research team; the team successfully made a technological breakthrough in September and went out of the Academia Sinica’s laboratory to apply it to Taipower's small-scale commercial generator units, generating the first kilowatt hour of "Methane Pyrolysis “ electricity, in doing so setting a milestone in Taiwan’s clean energy development.


In July this year, Taiwan Mobile joined hands with Fubon Financial to sign a "Net Zero Technology R&D Industry-Research Cooperation" agreement with Academia Sinica, donating a total of NT$10 million in reward for one year to encourage Academia Sinica researchers to engage in Methane Pyrolysis, geothermal energy, ocean energy and other net-zero technology R&D. Among them, Methane Pyrolysis power generation technology cracks methane into hydrogen, which not only does not produce carbon dioxide after combustion, transforming natural gas power generation into truly zero-carbon electricity, but also produces solid carbon (carbon black) with high economic value that can be widely used in rubber products, coatings, batteries, plastics and other industries to create a new circular economy model. When utilizing 100% Methane Pyrolysis technology for electricity generation from each ton of natural gas, the cost advantages become evident in comparison to traditional natural gas power generation. In contrast to the latter, which incurs additional expenses for carbon capture and storage in the future, Methane Pyrolysis technology not only reduces power generation costs but also generates supplementary income from carbon black, leading to a substantial enhancement in overall economic benefits.


Taiwan Mobile president Jamie Lin said at the "Net Zero Technology R&D Chair Presentation Ceremony" that Methane Pyrolysis power generation technology not only has zero carbon emissions in the combustion process, but, moreover, also then produces carbon black of high economic value. The research results that take into account sustainability and the benefits of the circular economy are the best example of industry-academia cooperation and an important milestone in Taiwan's move towards net-zero carbon emissions. In light of the shortage of renewable energy in Taiwan, transformation of the power structure has become key. Through industrial cooperation, Taiwan Mobile supports Academia Sinica’s R&D with respect to the three net-zero technologies of Methane Pyrolysis, geothermal energy, and ocean energy, hoping to set an example more companies will follow, accelerating the achievement of Taiwan’s net-zero emissions goal. Furthermore, Taiwan Mobile is executing a comprehensive expansion of its green energy strategy, with an initial focus on solar photovoltaics, transitioning to wind power in the mid-term. The target is to reach a renewable energy ratio of 35% by 2030 and a renewable energy ratio of 60% by 2035. The target will of net zero emissions eventually be reached before 2040.