Taiwan Mobile wins the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards “The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Ten Domestic Corporates” for the 9th time in succession.

November 15,2023

Taiwan Mobile has won the highest honor of the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards “The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Ten Domestic Corporates” for the 9th time in succession, taking second place in the service industry category in 2023, the best result in the telecommunications industry; and was awarded the "Climate Leadership Award", "Sustainable Supply Chain Leadership Award", "Social Inclusion Leadership Award", "Talent Development Leadership Award", a total of 4 individual performance awards, and the Chinese language "Sustainability Report-Platinum Award" and the English language "GCSA Sustainability Report Award-Silver Award", a total of 7 awards; of note, all the awards entered for were received, an impressive showing.


Daniel Tsai, chairman of Taiwan Mobile, said that it uses technology to realize ESG in the ICT industry. In December this year, every effort will be made to complete the Taiwan Star merger. The core aims are to save energy and reduce carbon. In terms of the environment, Taiwan Mobile began lobbying the government to shut down 2G in 2016 and advocated co-construction of shared frequencies and networks. After the merger with Taiwan Star, the four major operators can further reduce the number of 5G highways, making efficient use of limited spectrum resources and reducing repeated deployment of infrastructure, having a key effect on mitigating global warming. On the social front, technology for detection and prevention is used, including identifying fake web pages, blocking fraudulent calls, voice warnings, e-commerce shopping, etc. to protect user information security and combine with technology to make people’s lives better. In terms of governance, a sustainability committee has been set up under the board of to simultaneously upgrade the "2035 Zetta Connected 2.0" plan, setting short, medium and long-term sustainability goals until 2035, and senior managers' ESG performance and compensation. Senior management lead the practice of ESG, with all employees as “green-collar” vanguards.


Taiwan Mobile is the first telecommunications company in Taiwan to join the global corporate renewable energy initiative RE100, aiming to move towards the net-zero goal by increasing the proportion of green electricity, implementing low-carbon operations, and developing new clean energy. With 2023 as the year zero of biodiversity, it is promoting the Formosan Salamander (Hynobius formosanus) protection plan and assisting in Formosan Salamander conservation and research, and building an AI identification marine life database to protect the biodiversity of the earth.


Taiwan Mobile passed the ISO 20400 sustainable procurement framework in 2023 to help suppliers align with international sustainability standards. It will also guide multiple groups of suppliers to include SBT carbon reduction commitments in contracts; and, will also actively promote green procurement and give priority to purchasing green products that are low-pollution, recyclable, and resource-saving. The amount of green procurement in 2022 reached NT$1.8 billion.


Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin said that society is accelerating digitization, allowing many online services involving personal information and financial assets to become a hotbed for fraud. The rise of emerging technologies such as generative AI has accelerated the proliferation of new types of fraud. Taiwan Mobile took the initiative to join the anti-fraud ranks last year, using core ICT capabilities such as powerful databases and AI model identification to connect five major stakeholders, including government agencies, law enforcement agencies, public associations, enterprises and consumers, to build a complete anti-fraud ecosystem, blocking fraud at the source, and protecting the information security of Taiwan’s people and the reputation of enterprises.


Taiwan Mobile independently developed the industry's first counterfeit detection website "Anti-Fraud Police" in 2022, and subsequently launched the "Number Masking Service " hidden code service to protect enterprise reputation and safeguard consumers' personal information; at the same time, in response to government policies, Taiwan Mobile launched voice alerts for international calls (+886 9), government 111 exclusive short code SMS platform and other services to protect tens of millions of e-commerce members, blocking 1.43 million fraudulent SMS messages, 4.07 million overseas fraudulent calls, and 60,000 malicious URL.


Taiwan Mobile has developed a diversified "high academic ability" talent innovation program, providing a flexible hybrid work model, competitive salary, annual salary for non-sales colleagues of more than 18 months, smooth communication channels between labor and management, and leading the industry with the "stock ownership trust plan", better contributions than elsewhere in the industry and other preferential treatment for talent, creating a happy workplace characterized by DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).


With science and technology public welfare as the core, Taiwan Mobile developed a total of 26 public welfare projects in 2022, covering diverse aspects such as science and technology education, community care, and social emergency response. In 2022, it joined with 161 public welfare groups to assist more than 70,000 students.