Taiwan Mobile presents five technology platforms at D.E.E.P Tech Day event

October 18,2023

  Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd organized the first edition of the D.E.E.P Tech Day event on Oct. 18, presenting five technology platforms dedicated to enterprises. With the rapid development of 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things, software capabilities will empower enterprises to accelerate business growth in the next 10 years. From the international perspective in technology, Taiwan Mobile sets its sights on generative AI, information security, and enterprise collaboration. The company works with excellent partners to empower enterprises with design thinking and the spirit of craftsmanship in order to create long-term value. By playing four different roles—Designer, Engineer, Enabler, Practitioner—in boosting the development of technology, Taiwan Mobile rolled out five empowering technology platforms. Joined by Taiwan Mobile’s General Manager Jamie Lin, Chief Information Officer Rock Tsai, and Chief Business Officer CH Wu of Taiwan Mobile Enterprise Business, this event was attended by about one hundred influential chief information officers and top executives from the IT industry in Taiwan.


  The five empowering technology platforms launched by Taiwan Mobile include “AI 2.0 Solution Suite,” a one-stop AIaaS (AI-as-a-Service) platform with LLM (Large Language Model) as the core technology to help enterprises deploy AI 2.0 applications; “Number Masking Service,” a cloud-based call masking service that helps prevent real phone numbers being leaked and strengthen the protection of enterprises’ customer information; “KYC by Taiwan Mobile,” a Know Your Customer process by Taiwan Mobile that combines the most cutting-edge technology in identity recognition and phone number verification with 1,500 online customer service employees and nearly 700 physical stores, the best choice for various industries to reduce risks and increase customer acquisition; “Anti-phishing Service” that leverages telecom big data and AI technology to provide companies with effective responses to fraudulent websites, identity theft, and social engineering attacks; and “M+ Meet,” a video conferencing system launched by “M+ Enterprise Instant Messenger,” with low latency and high standards of information security. Taiwan Mobile employs these technology platforms to help enterprises seize the initiative in the era of generative AI, strengthen information security, enhance digital resilience, and empower business innovation and transformation.


  Taiwan Mobile General Manager Lin stated that the theme of the first edition of the D.E.E.P Tech Day focuses on three aspects: generative AI, information security, and enterprise collaboration, which are the most far-reaching large-scale paradigm shifts for enterprises at the moment. The boom of large-scale AI models has created a lot of opportunities for companies to develop applications and produce solutions; due to a considerable increase in online scams and fraud, information security implementation has become more important for enterprises in operation and profitability; for companies that allow flexible working, a collaboration platform that is able to meet enterprises’ needs is necessary. Based on aforementioned trends, Taiwan Mobile has leveraged key advantages in the telecommunications industry, playing the four roles of Designer, Engineer, Enabler, and Practitioner for enterprises, becoming the best technology partner for enterprises, helping enterprises to deploy in advance and accelerate upgrading and transformation.