Taiwan Mobile Wins Special Award for Digital Resilience at IDC Future Enterprise Awards Ceremony

October 19,2023

Taiwan Mobile, the leading telecommunications provider in Taiwan, received the Special Award for Digital Resilience for the Asia-Pacific region at the prestigious awards ceremony hosted by the International Data Corporation (IDC) in Singapore. Naomi Lee, Vice President of Regulatory and Carrier Relationships at Taiwan Mobile, accepted this accolade on behalf of the company at the ceremony.


The 2023 Future Enterprise Awards for the Asia-Pacific region attracted more than a thousand project submissions from 12 countries across the region, with only three Taiwanese companies winning this esteemed honor. Taiwan Mobile, leveraging its robust core telecommunications infrastructure, has established a bidirectional digital resilience cycle both internally and externally. This empowerment enables the company to drive its transformation and elevate its competitive edge. Furthermore, it assists businesses in building digital resilience, curbing fraud at its source, addressing societal issues, and ensuring the achievement of ESG sustainable development.


Through its digital resilience enhancement program, Taiwan Mobile has integrated digital transformation into every aspect of its corporate strategy, organization, processes, and culture. It has built a rigorous cybersecurity framework to safeguard the security of corporate sensitive data. The company has also established nine Centers of Excellence (CoE) based on different technical expertise and adopted three major strategies of hybrid work models in line with leading industry practices to accelerate industry upgrading and transformation.


Moreover, Taiwan Mobile has been actively engaged in the development and application of new technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, and more. By focusing on generative AI, information security, and enterprise collaboration, Taiwan Mobile has created increased business value and enhanced customer experiences. This approach triggers external resilience cycles, helping companies keep pace with the digital transformation and create innovative, sustainable operational value.