Taiwan Mobile wins third place in CommonWealth Magazine ‘Talent Sustainability Award’ for large firms

September 20,2023

The “Talent Sustainability Award” organized by CommonWealth Magazine held its award ceremony on Sept. 20. Taiwan Mobile ranked third in the Large Firms – Financial / Services category. Taiwan Mobile inspires its employees to embrace the new wave of technology and invested a total of NTD 67.7 billion in 2022 to launch various talent innovation projects.


Taiwan Mobile organizes events such as the “OP Hacker Festival” and the “Innovation Contest” on a regular basis to stimulate the innovative DNA of its employees through competition. It also actively promotes innovation management with a three-layered organization that involves all levels of the company. First, Chairman Daniel Tsai personally supervises and chairs the “Innovation Management Team”. Then, the “Innovation Committee” is composed of the president, the heads of each business group and functional unit. Finally, the “Kepler Working Group” consists of elite employees from the departmental, divisional, and managerial levels. They provide in-depth guidance to projects that are proposed by employees themselves, creating a spark of creativity from top to bottom and helping to incubate projects into reality. In 2022, the total prize money for both competitions exceeded 1 million dollars.


In the era of global labor shortages, Taiwan Mobile encourages employees to follow the “major” + “minor” model to keep up with the fast-changing trends. Initiated and directed by Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin, “Appointment with Jamie” has gathered nearly 60 potential employees from different professions to collaborate on up to 15 innovative projects, covering areas such as gaming, data analysis, generative AI, member economics, product/service optimization, and internal process improvement. This also includes the “Work Experience” program that has been fully implemented, which allows employees to freely apply for short-term cross-department internships. Employees can use 20% of their working time to “minor” in different departments and learn about the work that interests them. In 2022, the number of work clubs increased by 154.5%, and the number of graduates increased by 210%. The new “Work Experience” program also helps employees become diverse and empathetic cross-disciplinary talents.


Taiwan Mobile supports employees to learn across disciplines and cooperates with AppWorks School to offer employees a complete 20-week full-paid opportunity to learn software-related courses such as Android, iOS, Front-End, Back-End, and Data Engineering. After the training, employees can choose to stay in their original unit or transfer to other positions according to their wishes, helping them build multiple career development curves. Employees from customer service, technical group, personal user business group and other units have participated in the training and transferred to departments such as data analysis technology, product technology, and corporate strategy development according to their expertise. The proportion of new job transfers reached 80%.