Taiwan Mobile, TAICCA signs MOU with Warner Bros Discovery to enhance cooperation in the development, production, and marketing of film and television content

October 31,2023

In a move to expand its presence in the film and TV industry, Taiwan Mobile has entered into a strategic alliance with Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. This groundbreaking partnership aims to consolidate the resources of both entities and actively promote the growth of Taiwanese content in the international market. In response to the "1 plus 4-T-content plan,” Taiwan Mobile and Warner Bros. Discovery, in collaboration with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under the witness of Minister of Culture Shih Che. This initiative combines the strengths of all three parties and seeks to enhance cooperation in the development, production, and marketing of film and television content, with the ultimate goal of creating higher-quality content and propelling Taiwanese cultural influence onto the global stage.


Taiwan Mobile Vice President of New Media Daphne Lee said that amid the ever-evolving competitive dynamics of the global film and television industry, Taiwan Mobile is delighted to forge a strategic alliance with Warner Bros. Discovery to jointly establish the Taiwan Film and Television Content Fund and further embark on multifaceted collaborations. As a leading Taiwanese technology and telecommunications company as well as the largest content investor and producer on the domestic media platform, Taiwan Mobile has consistently achieved outstanding results in both domestic and international film and television awards, with a track record of successful investments and professional capability to collaborate internationally to produce high-quality film and television works like "Workers (做工的人).” In the future, Taiwan Mobile intends to utilize user data insights and the localized marketing prowess of its MyVideo platform. They will merge these with Warner Bros. Discovery’s expertise in producing original content and global distribution. Supported by government resources from the TAICCA, this partnership is focused on making targeted investments in high-quality productions, nurturing premium Taiwanese intellectual property (IP), and advancing Taiwanese content on the global stage.


Starting in 2018, Taiwan Mobile's MyVideo took the lead in expanding from telecommunications into the realm of video streaming platforms, firmly establishing itself as a cornerstone of the Taiwanese film and television industry, with ongoing investments in the production of over 40 works. Taiwan Mobile aims to leverage its telecommunications expertise to continuously enhance the content of its streaming video platform, MyVideo, while eagerly anticipating collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery and TAICCA. This collaboration will merge domestic cultural strength with global market influence. Taiwan Mobile also envisions aligning with the Hollywood-based Creative Artists Agency (CAA), in which the group has invested. This collaboration aims to provide Taiwanese content with increased exposure in Hollywood and partnership opportunities, thus accelerating the internationalization of the Taiwanese film and television industry and ushering in a new era.