Taiwan Mobile wins third place in ‘CommonWealth Talent Sustainability Award’ for large firms

September 20,2023

 CommonWealth Talent Sustainability Award, organized by CommonWealth Magazine, held its award ceremony on Sept. 20. Taiwan Mobile secured the third position under the category of Large Firms – Financial / Services. Taiwan Mobile actively encourages its employees to embrace the technological advancements and, in 2022, it made a cumulative investment of NTD 67.7 billion to drive multiple talent innovation projects.

 Taiwan Mobile regularly hosts events such as the "OP Hacker Festival" and the "Innovation Contest" to foster innovation among its employees through competitive challenges. The organization actively encourages innovation management with a three-tiered structure, involving all levels of the company. Chairman Daniel Tsai serves as the chair of the "Innovation Management Team, and " the "Innovation Committee" consists of top-level executives from various business groups and functional units. Additionally, the "Kepler Working Group" comprises of elite employees at the departmental, divisional, and managerial levels. They take an active role in mentoring projects initiated by employees, sparking creativity throughout the organization, and providing support to bring these projects to fruition. In 2022, the cumulative prize money for both competitions exceeded 1 million dollars.

 In an era of global labor shortages, Taiwan Mobile encourages employees to adapt to rapidly changing trends. Initiated and overseen by Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin, "Appointment with Jamie" has brought together nearly 60 promising individuals from various professional backgrounds to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration. Together, they have kickstarted up to 15 innovative projects, spanning diverse areas such as gaming, data analysis, generative AI, member economics, product/service optimization, and internal process enhancements. This also includes the "Work Experience" program that has been fully implemented, offering employees the flexibility to apply for short-term cross-department internships. Under this arrangement, employees are encouraged to allocate 20% of their working hours to explore positions across various departments, enabling them to explore roles that align with their personal interests. In 2022, the level of participation witnessed an impressive surge of 154.5%, accompanied by a 210% rise in the number of people who completed the program. The introduction of the "Work Experience" program has motivated employees to become versatile and empathetic in their approach to work.

 Taiwan Mobile fosters a culture of interdisciplinary learning and has partnered with AppWorks School to provide employees with a comprehensive 20-week opportunity. During this period, employees continue to receive their regular salary while participating in diverse software-related courses, covering Android, iOS, Front-End, Back-End, and Data Engineering. After completing the training, employees can choose to either remain in their current roles or transition to other positions, allowing them to build multiple career development paths. Employees from diverse departments, spanning customer service, technical teams, and individual user business units, enrolled in the program. Following their training, they transferred to departments such as the Data Analysis Technical Division, Product Technology Division, and Corporate Strategic Development Office, aligning with their expertise. The transition rate to new roles reached 80%.