Taiwan Mobile wins Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the 16th time

September 07,2023

The 2023 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award ceremony was held on Sept. 7. Taiwan Mobile Co. has entered the top 10 CSR companies for the 16th time and won 5th place in the category of the large enterprise sector. The award was presented by the Premier Chen Chien-jen. Receiving the award, the President of Taiwan Mobile Jamie Lin stated that Taiwan Mobile’s green power procurement accounts for only 3%, which has already made it ranked second in the country, explaining, it indicates that Taiwan’s green energy is seriously insufficient. The government needs to pay more attention to the development of new clean energy, said Lin, adding that it is the reason why Taiwan Mobile and financial conglomerate Fubon Group jointly support Academia Sinica’s “Net Zero Technology Research and Development Industry-Academia Collaboration” program. Lin hopes that all the corporate partners who care about the Earth’s survival will work together to lessen the burden on the natural environment.


Taiwan Mobile demonstrates its long-term sustainability through social participation, which has earned high marks. The award judges pointed out that Taiwan Mobile combines its core competency with technology empowerment, starting from primary education including elementary, junior, and senior high schools to universities, to develop a comprehensive technology education program. The judges also said that, through telecommunication networks and hardware equipment support, Taiwan Mobile opens the door to digital learning for students that allows the outside world to see the unique value of the company other than the pursuit of profits.


The chairman of Taiwan Mobile, Daniel Tsai, pointed out that as one of the company’s goals for sustainable development, controlling the Earth’s temperature within 1.5°C is their top priority. Besides implementing low-carbon operations and increasing the use of green energy, he noted, Taiwan Mobile also supports Academia Sinica, the most prominent academic institution in the country, to develop new renewable energy resources. He said that through proactively collaborating with the institution, they hope to break through the climate crisis with new energy innovations. Particularly, the Net-Zero Technology R&D Industry-Academia Collaboration program supported by Taiwan Mobile and Fubon Group has started testing with small experimental generators powered by hydrogen rather than natural gas, he added. He also hopes that the program will succeed and scale up to aids in Taiwan’s energy transformation.


On the social front, Taiwan Mobile launched 26 projects applying their technological prowess under the “Embracing Love with Tech” theme. Launched in rural areas, the 7th Coding Fun program utilized Taiwan Mobile’s drone technology that has been applied to inspecting and searching for cell sites to teach kids coding in an easy way. It included newly initiated drone assembly and programming courses. For the second phase of the project, the company will follow up with a one-year-long teacher training program, so that more students in rural areas have the opportunity to learn technology continuously.