Taiwan Mobile Chairman Daniel Tsai leaded a company delegation on its pilgrimage to Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to learn from the satellite communication technologies displayed by semiconductor company MediaTek

March 03,2023

MWC officially wrapped up on March 2, 2023. Taiwan Mobile Chairman Daniel Tsai, President Jamie Lin, and other ranking members of the management team visited the prestigious event for the first time. Setting their eyes on satellite communication chip applications, B5G (Beyond 5G) application trends and future prospects, Tsai interacted with CEOs from global top tech giants, such as MediaTek and the Global System for Mobile Communications, in order to broaden Taiwan Mobile's business horizons as the company moves towards the B5G era to provide customers with quality hi-tech products and diversified services.

Chairman Tsai visited MediaTek's exhibit area featuring the theme "Brilliant Technology for Everyday Life. Accompanied by MediaTek President Joe Chen and CFO & Spokesman David Ku, Tsai was presented the newest satellite communication system, dimensity 5G mobile platforms, mobile computing and Wi-Fi 7 technology that were on display.

Tsai praised MediaTek's achievements in creating a total internet connection era, especially its 3GPP 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) , which integrate 5G into satellite communication to allow for the introduction of more devices and equipment. Against such a background, 5G going into space and satellite communication will no longer be a fantasy.

"Global warming and geopolitical shifts continue to affect each person on this globe," Tsai said. The emergence of satellite communication and other digital technologies will help bring forth a cross domain synergy between telecommunication service providers through applications of AIoT, which Tsai said will help build a people-based innovation and sustainable future.

"As satellite communication matures, more satellite phones will enter the market to support global mobile connectivity without the limitations of cell sites," Lin said. "Global connection and Always Connected wearables will become a realization to suppot the next B5G era. By the time, telecommunication companies can connect mobile communication with satellite communication to build a truly interconnected world."

Through subscription-based satellite communication services, applications of the said technology can be used to rescue missions in mountains and at seas, and  can be equipped on planes or drones and etc., to fully reflect their characteristics of super intelligence, hyperspace and hyper speed connections that can bring about more innovative business modes, Lin said.

"MediaTek has created the Dimensity 5G chip, allowing super speedy 5G experience with excellent battery life and light tracking technologies  that will greatly enhance people's multimedia experience," Taiwan Mobile Chief Business Officer Tony Lin said. Taiwan Mobile, meanwhile,  has introduced various models of cell phones powered  by the Dimensity 5G chip that will be marketed with Taiwan Mobile's exclusive plans to create a higher level of amazing multimedia experience for customers, he said.