Taiwan Mobile collaborates with KKBOX in music streaming service, vying for share of global market

September 15,2023

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd announced on Sept. 15 that its board of directors has approved to form a strategic alliance with KKBOX, agreeing that KKCompany Technologies, the music streaming service provider’s parent company, could acquire Taiwan Mobile’s audio-streaming service subsidiary MyMusic with about $30 million in order to establish a long-lasting partnership. Meanwhile, Taiwan Mobile has decided to invest KKCompany Technologies with $15 million. The alliance between the two companies will fully integrate the resources of both parties, starting from Taiwan, to jointly build the world’s leading Chinese music streaming platform, actively promote the development of Chinese music in the global market, and raise the profile of Taiwan’s pop music.


The monthly fee of MyMusic’s existing users will remain unchanged during their contract period. MyMusic will assist the users in upgrading to and signing up for KKBOX. KKBOX is regarded as the most powerful music streaming platform in Asia, providing over 100 million songs, exclusive podcast programs, diverse popularity charts, and selected playlists, as well as more than 40 million lossless tracks, livestreams, and multi-device support. Combining with Taiwan Mobile’s high-quality 5G network, multiple terminals, as well as the momo coin ecosystem and the sub-brand “OP Life,” KKBOX will facilitate a comprehensive, one-stop mobile audiovisual experience to meet the users' daily needs and offer melophiles multifaceted services.


The General Manager of Taiwan Mobile, Jamie Lin, is excited to see the strategic alliance with KKCompany Technologies and the integration of music streaming services of both parties. He said that the alliance will provide unified services under the KKBOX brand in the future in order to rapidly expand the brand’s international market, to rival streaming platforms from the U.S. and Europe. By injecting Telco+, Taiwan Mobile’s promotional program, users in Taiwan will get special offers through distribution channels as well as bundling promotions, and simply enjoy the pleasure of using KKBOX. He believes the alliance will be able to synergize and elevate the creative content industry of Taiwan by connecting creators to the global market, resulting in endless possibilities for music playing.


Taiwan Mobile has over 7.6 million users, nearly 700 physical stores, and a customer service team consisting of thousands of members. After the merging with Taiwan Star Telecom Co., Ltd. is completed, with a user base close to 10 million, the company will be potentially the most extensive broadband service provider in the country. Besides, committed to providing quality and diverse audio-video services, Taiwan Mobile is actively investing in exclusive contents to bring original productions from Taiwan to the international stage. The team has achieved remarkable results through the successful partnership between MyVideo and international flagship streaming platforms such as Disney+ and BBC Player. Therefore, this alliance with KKBOX will boost its competitiveness even further.


Born in Taiwan, KKBOX gained a foothold in the global market by becoming the first legal music streaming platform in the world. Through this strategic alliance, the resources of both parties will be fully integrated, continuing to enhance KKBOX’s services to satisfy the needs of melophiles from around the globe. By augmenting the reach from Taiwan to the world, the alliance is determined to catch the eye of a worldwide audience.