Taiwan Mobile issues its ''Social Responsibility Bonds'' for the first time, with a total value of NT$6.5 billion, making it the largest single amount ever issued in the telecommunications industry.

May 22,2023

 Taiwan Mobile has for the first time officially issued its "Social Responsibility Bonds" on the over-the-counter market. The issuance amount totals NT$6.5 billion, with a maturity period of 5 years and a coupon rate of 1.5370%. The issuance represents the largest single fundraising amount in the history of the Taiwanese telecommunications industry.


 The funds raised will be used to support social benefit investment projects to improve Taiwan's infrastructure, promote the development of the local telecommunications network, boost the accessibility of telecommunications networks and foster social progress and enhance digital resilience as part of the efforts to build a sustainable environment.


 In the face of worsening climate disasters and the ever-changing global technological landscape,  Taiwan Mobile is determined to use its core technology to help strengthen the digital resilience of Taiwanese companies and the country, which is its unavoidable mission, Chairman Daniel Tsai said.


 By implementing sustainable finance, collaborating with investors to strengthen internet infrastructure, Taiwan Mobile seeks to further invest in expanding 5G networks throughout Taiwan to overcome construction challenges in mountainous, remote, and offshore island areas to ensure that relevant resources are readily available to the public in times of emergencies, Tsai said.


 Through combining 5G with emerging technologies, Taiwan Mobile is keen to boost healthcare service and education development in rural areas, with an aim of eliminating health disparities between urban and rural communities and wiping out educational inequalities for underprivileged students to enhance social development benefits by collaborating with local charities and integrating local resources, Tsai said.