Taiwan Mobile named on the DJSI World Indices for the sixth consecutive year, ranking among the top 3 companies in the global telecommunication industry with the highest scores in 10 indices.

December 12,2022

 Taiwan Mobile Co. shines again in its sustainability performance, receiving recognition from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) on Dec. 10, 2022.


 Taiwan Mobile has been selected among the top 3 companies in the telecommunication industry by DJSI World Indices for six years in a row. At the same time, Taiwan Mobile's ESG performance also topped the scoreboard in DJSI Emerging Markets last year for 11 consecutive years.


 This year, of the 25 categories being judged from the three aspects of corporate governance, environment, and social, Taiwan Mobile has received full marks in 10 categories, garnering the highest score in the global telecommunication industry.


 It also performed remarkably in the environmental and social aspects, ranking in the top 1 percent and top 2 percent in the global telecommunication industry, respectively.


 "As a vanguard on the world ESG stage, Taiwan Mobile has utilized its core strength to incorporate sustainability into its operations, cooperate with stakeholders so as to increase the influence of its corporate governance," Chairman Daniel Tsai said.


 Taiwan Mobile has also elevated the status of its "Sustainability Committee" to a multiple-function committee at the board of directors, enhancing the depth and width of management inside the corporation.


 With hope of acquiring approval from the government to merge with Taiwan Star soon to take place, Taiwan Mobile seeks to reduce overlapping cellular tower infrastructure, which is estimated to help slash power consumption of 100 to 200 million kWh per year, in a response to slow down the global warming effects while working in tandem with other global corporations toward the goal.


 At the same time, Taiwan Mobile also puts a lot of efforts in human resource development, digital innovations and social inclusions, among other many issues.


 Deeply believing that employees are the corner stone of the growth of a corporation, partners in sustainability and the key catalyst to transformation, Taiwan Mobile will continue to work with eco system partners to develop into a regional telecommunication conglomerate and make tremendous strides in building sustainability and a better future.


 DJSI ranks world renown corporations on three aspects of sustainability, namely corporate governance, environment, and social, according to their performance. With competition especially hot in the DJSI World Indices, only the top 10 percent performers from the world's leading 2,500 corporations in sustainability can be selected every year.


 Taiwan Mobile rose from a sea of contestants for its outstanding achievements in governance, environment and social, which all garnered full scores in 10 indices on innovation management, significance, policy effectiveness, network reliability, environmental report, environmental policies and management systems,social reports, as well as cooperation with stakeholders, human resource development, and human rights protection, with the last indice seeing a tremendous advancement.


 Using "Taiwan Mobile green energy to advance into a sustainable future" as its slogan, Taiwan Mobile introduced the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in 2018 to assess the added financial risk presented by climate change to the global economy.


 The company's admission into RE100 this year also means a pledge to fully use reusable energy by 2040, and to achieve the zero emission goal by 2050 by collaborating with stakeholders to promote circular economy.


 Taiwan Mobile has so far collected 257,000 used smartphones, extending their life cycle. It also launched a "second hand smartphone and tablet donation to rural areas" initiative to help children from rural areas and aboriginal villages to also receive digital equality.


 Taiwan Mobile's efforts in corporate governance has also been widely lauded, with a high level of diversity within the board of directors that included the highest number of global telecommunication professionals as independent directors on the board, well above 50 percent of all the board directors.


 This year, Taiwan Mobile not only ranked among the top 5 percent company in corporate governance for the 8th consecutive year, it also emerged from 200 listed companies of the greater China region, ranking 5th on the second edition of the Greater China Business Sustainability Index(GCBSI), making it the best-performing Taiwanese company.


 Taiwan Mobile also kicked off a "TWM Human OS Upgrade v.2022" initiative, under which starting salary for its employees was raised by 7 percent with an average earning of 18 months per year to provide competitive salaries and attract talents who are evaluated by their ability and willingness to learn.


 Taiwan Mobile also seeks to create a happy workplace, where employees are entitled to 10 days of working from home, while female employees are entitled to 77 days of postpartum paid leave and those with children under 6 are entitled to NT$10,000 childcare subsidies per year, with the ceiling set at NT$120,000.


 On the social front, Taiwan Mobile has been advocating the "Energy for Good" initiative for six years in a row, under which suppliers and consumers team up to promote the use of green energy.


 To date, the number of donors has exceeded 10,000, and NT$28.65 million in donations has been collected, and 524.7 kW of solar power equipment installed, all of which has been estimated to yield NT$72.85 million in profits and generate 11.1 million kWh of green energy, which is an equivalent of 5,778 metric tons in carbon reduction and roughly equals the amount of CO2 absorbed by 15 Da'an forest parks per year that will help provide steady cash flow for non-governmental organizations over a 20-year period.


 In addition, Taiwan Mobile initiated two "tablet for all, online class for all" funding campaigns last year in collaboration with seven non-profit organisations, having collected 2,257 tablets to provide children and students from remote areas with access to distanced learning.


 Taiwan Mobile further used "Spread Love with Technology" as a framework to start more than 20 inclusion projects on community caring, digital volunteering, technology inclusions and social emergency relief programs and various other services.


 Through a "Bilingual Online" initiative launched by Taiwan Mobile, long distance English courses on the internet are delivered by 20 volunteers, with an accumulation of over 1,028 hours of online courses provided to underprivileged children from remote areas.