The annual conference of the 3GPP was held in Taiwan. Taiwan Mobile actively participated in the Next Generation Communication Technology Summit and Symposium.

June 12,2023

  3GPP, a global mobile communication standard organization, held its 100th member meeting at the Nangang International Exhibition Center in Taipei from June 12-16, drawing over 900 experts from 41 countries and 800 international  Information and communication technology companies from around the world. During the event, experts exchanged views on the new version of 5G Advanced and NTN technology standards while  studying issues in the three major technical areas of Radio Access (RA), System Architecture (SA), and Core Network and Terminals (CT).


  Representatives from international companies also presented forward-looking technology proposals during the meeting, which are expected to pave the way for the future 6G development. Taiwan Mobile Chief Technology Officer Tom Koh and Chief Customer Officer C.H. Wu participated in the welcome reception hosted by Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua.Taiwan Mobile's technical team also took part in the Next Generation Communication Technology Summit and the Product Exhibition Symposium to grasp future trends in the telecommunications industry as means of  establishing channels for international cooperation to seize business opportunities in 6G and low earth orbit satellites.


  Taiwan Mobile Chief Technology Officer Tom Koh said Taiwan Mobile is closely watching the development of B5G and 6G technologies. In recent years, the company has been engaging in technical exchanges and research sharing with international operators and system equipment suppliers based on the experiences of trailblazers in the field to shorten the learning curve and enhance deployment efficiency.

  On the path from 5G to B5G and even 6G, it is committed to deploying the best development routes and strategies, and exploring the infinite possibilities of mobile communication application scenarios to provide network technologies that best meet the users' needs tor drive the smartification and sustainable transformation of society. Therefore, Taiwan Mobile welcomes the involvement of  technology research institutions and organizations in more research and development to accelerate technological advancements and innovation to provide faster, reliable, secure, and energy-efficient communication technologies. The standardization work carried out by 3GPP allows service providers to adopt trust-worthy standardized systems and equipment and to achieve high-quality and stable services. The application of NTN satellite communication technology was also discussed in the 3GPP annual conference, Koh said, noting that Taiwan Mobile has not only engaged with several satellite developers, but has  also actively devoted to the research of the application of non-ground network technologies regarding high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), stratospheric balloons, and high-altitude base stations.


  By combining low earth orbit satellite communication technology with ground networks, and further integrating NTN, significant improvements can be achieved in terms of bandwidth and coverage. Taiwan Mobile hief Executive Officer C.H. Wu said that low earth orbit communication satellites are not constrained by ground or terrain limitations, making them applicable in remote areas, offshore islands, mountainous regions, and emergency disaster relief missions. With the emergence of satellite communication and other digital technologies, Wu hopes that ICT companies can collaborate across domains to strengthen the resilience of domestic communication networks. This will contribute to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11, which aims to promote inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable development in cities and rural areas.


  While paying much attention to the development of B5G and 6G, Taiwan Mobile also continues to keep close tabs on the development of OpenRAN. In recent years, more and more international companies have been investing and establishing a presence in Taiwan, deepening two-way exchanges with Taiwan and helping Taiwan Mobile take early steps to position itself in the global market. For instance, Taiwan Mobile exhibited its international strength in 5G during this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. It is the first telecommunications company in Taiwan to collaborate with the Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) TIP Community Lab for 5G OpenRAN integration testing. It is also the first technology and telecommunications company in Taiwan to list the ITRI TIP logo as a selection criteria for suppliers. With its advantage as a partner of TIP Community Lab,  Taiwan Mobile is determined to establish a global OpenRAN ecosystem with its strategical partners.