Activated international roaming 1 minute before boarding, the number of downloads of Taiwan's customer service APP exceeded 7.1 million times!

March 30,2023

During the five-day holiday of Qingming Festival, many Chinese people will arrange to travel abroad. Through the "Taiwan Mobile Customer Service App", you can apply for international roaming with the original number, free of card replacement, free of renting the plane, and it only takes one minute to activate the original number before boarding. Renewal also only needs 3 simple steps to complete. The simple and intuitive operation interface has allowed the "Taiwan Big Action Customer Service App" to be launched. The cumulative downloads have reached 7.1 million times. 23,400 trees felled. As the first telecom operator in the industry to join RE100, an international renewable energy initiative organization, Taiwan Telecom continues to call on users to continue to join the ranks of green carbon reduction. From now until April 30, a renewal project will be launched. Anyone who renews the contract through the "Taiwan Telecom Customer Service App" If you apply for a plan with a monthly payment of 599 yuan or more, you will get a myfone electronic gift certificate of 200 yuan, and you can enjoy shopping during the holidays.


"Taiwan Action Customer Service App" is super convenient to apply for roaming service 24 hours a day. Users can choose to open on the same day or make an appointment several days in advance. It only takes 1 minute and 3 steps to complete. It is easy to browse the multi-country roaming plan, satisfying multi-day all-you-can-eat, One-day all-you-can-eat or group-sharing packages. Among them, the co-travel sharing package plan requires only one person to apply and register the shared phone number on the App. You can share data with up to 3 online friends. You can travel separately, and you can share the Internet without hotspots, and you can check the roaming network usage at any time! To welcome the Qingming holiday, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan University, which are the most frequented by Chinese people, also provide the original number roaming multi-day all-you-can-eat plan. You can choose the number of days to surf the Internet, at least 4 days, and at most 30 days. It only costs 199 yuan per day, even if you log in The machine is just around the corner, and you can easily apply for one-click purchase through the App, so that you can use the Internet without interruption when you go abroad!


The "Taiwan Great Customer Service App" has multiple and practical self-service functions. In addition to intelligent contract renewal, real-time query of network/voice usage, fast payment, prepaid card recharge, activation of telecommunications bill collection service, self-service application for Disney+, Popular digital service functions such as MyVideo, MyMusic, and GeForce NOW, among which the smart renewal service can be easily completed in 1 minute and 3 steps, and the number of users who choose smart renewal has increased by nearly 30% over the years. Invite millions of users to use the "Taiwan Customer Service App" to respond to net zero emissions and green consumption, reduce the carbon footprint of the store's bid, and save paper consumption in the store. Combined with the development of green consumption and digital technology, Taiwan University will continue to develop the application field of "Taiwan University Customer Service App", expand the mobile app life circle of consumers, and meet the multi-oriented needs of food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment!