Taiwan Mobile, TADC, and Rescale Jointly Introduce One-Stop Service “Industrial Simulation Solutions”

January 12,2023

 To undertake digital transformation, businesses must incur much expenditure to build high performance computing equipment and purchase various software programs. More importantly, they must hire IT professionals to perform complex computations and maintain the related equipment. Such software and hardware investments can be a heavy burden for businesses. As such, today (12th), Taiwan Mobile announced that it will collaborate with Taiwan Auto Design Co. (TADC) and Rescale to jointly launch a one-stop service called “Industrial Simulation Solutions.” The service uses Taiwan Computing Cloud (TWCC), a cloud platform provided by Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Web Service Corporation, featuring high-speed computing capabilities, high storage capacity, and high information security. It is also equipped with 1,000 software programs offered on Rescale Cloud HPC platform provided by TADC. By using the service, customers no longer need to spend much time searching for and integrating various complex solutions. Furthermore, they are able to satisfy high-volume calculation needs. The service can improve computing efficiency by nearly 40% with high assurance in information security. It also offers TADC’s human consultant services, as well as Taiwan Mobile’s technical support, making the path to digital transformation a smooth and easy one.


Working with TADC and Rescale to Create Win-Win, Highly Efficient TWCC Has Low Barrier to Entry, and Offers High Information Security Cloud Service

 According to Mr. Paul Wang, Deputy General Manager of the Innovative Service Development Department of Enterprise Business Group (of Taiwan Mobile), many businesses are taking on digital transformation. Therefore, Taiwan Mobile and its partner, Taiwan Web Service Corporation are working together to introduce TWCC. Meanwhile, by cooperating with TADC and Rescale, Taiwan Mobile has successfully incorporated the technological strengths of all three parties to bring businesses online. This will accelerate the digital transformation process and create a win-win for all. TWCC offers highly efficient, low-barrier-to-entry, and high information security cloud platform and technologies to businesses. It allows businesses to perform low-carbon emitting computation, thus realizing the goals of sustainable operations, carbon reduction and sustainable values.


TWCC Saves Businesses 45,000 kWh of Electricity and Reduces 22.5 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Per Year, Equivalent to Eliminating Carbon Emissions Generated by 13,000 Gasoline Fuel SUVs Per Day

 TWCC service provided by Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Web Service Corporation offer high-speed computation resources to support customers’ large-scale and complex projects, accelerating smart application-related model training and field verifications in various industries. The service is supported by an experienced team working behind the scenes to provide data center management, communication networks, and hybrid cloud design and planning, which will help customers deploy cloud applications quickly. When data are uploaded to cloud, changes can be flexibly made according to project budgets. Moreover, project progress can also be accurately determined and analyzed. Meanwhile, TWCC also performs low-carbon emitting computations. Comparing the use of TWCC service versus self-owned mainframe equipment, businesses can conserve energy by 48%, saving 45,000 kWh of electricity and reducing 22.5 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. This is equivalent to eliminating carbon emissions generated by 13,000 gasoline fuel SUVs per day. As the computer room is located in Taiwan and has obtained ISO 27017 (cloud service information security) and ISO 27018 (protection of personal data) certifications, the concern for data leakage is minuscule.


Taiwan Mobile, TADC, and Rescale Jointly Promote “Industrial Simulation Solutions,” Enabling Small Businesses to Possess Large Business Computing Power

 According to Mr. Wei-chih Liao, General Manager of TADC Engineering Business Groups, TADC has 30 years of experience in the application of computer-aided engineering (CAE). Working with a local business, Taiwan Mobile and a cloud HPC provider, Rescale, TADC is able to provide comprehensive cloud computing solutions. Such services allow small businesses to have large-corporate computing power and access to cloud more quickly. This will elevate the efficiency of their CAE investment. Mr. Edward Hsu, Chief Product Officer of Rescale, said that Rescale provides high-performance computing power in the cloud, and can assist engineers’ innovative R&D, while it helps IT team manages security and controls platform. It is leading global R&D digital transformation by providing Rescale solutions to 7 of the global top 10 aerospace companies, 7 of the global top 10 automakers. The entry of Rescale into the Taiwanese market this time indicates that global manufacturers has begun using cloud-based high-performance computing power in Taiwan. Rescale is delighted to work with Taiwan Mobile and TADC to promote innovation in Taiwan’s science and industry.