Taiwan Mobile obtains the exclusive agency rights of "League of Legends" in Taiwan

November 09,2022

The business value behind online gaming is immeasurable. Taiwan Mobile has actively staged itself in the online gaming industry. On Nov. 9, Taiwan Mobile announced its attainment of "League of Legends" agency rights in Taiwan, from January 2023. "League of Legends" is a multiplayer 5v5 online game with a whopping player base of 180 million players throughout the world.


This also marks the fourth Riot gaming title that Taiwan Mobile has attained the agency rights after "Legends of Rune Terra," "Valorant" and "League of Legends: Wild Rift.""Taiwan Mobile has a long-term strategy that matches the desire of Riot Games players who care for gaming experience and treasure a sustainable management of the game," Taiwan Mobile Vice President Daphee Lee said.


"We are honored to have won the agency rights to 'League of Legends'-- a globally popular and the most representative and iconic online game in the gaming industry," Lee said.


"This does not only mark a milestone for Taiwan Mobile's commitment to the development of the gaming industry, but also represents a great leap for it to streamline and synergize the games with Taiwan Mobile's existing corporate assets, so as to bring an overall outstanding gaming experience for the players," she said.


"As we focus on becoming the world players' centric gaming company, be it in or not in the game, we are glad to bring an immersive and meaningful experience to the players. We believe that as this cooperation progresses, a best gaming experience will be provided to Taiwanese players," Alex Kraynov, managing director of Riot Games in charge of the Asia-Pacific market, said.


Taiwan Mobile will start its agency of "League of Legends" from January 2023. Apart from providing the same gaming experience as that for players in other regions, a series of online and offline activities will be held to invited heroes to go toe to toe with one another.


What's more, Taiwan Mobile has also been promoting the participation in amateur E-sport events at schools around Taiwan through its three existing agency of Riot Games titles -- "Legends of the Rune Terra","Valorant" and "League of Legends: Wild Rift."


Taiwan Mobile has hosted over 70 "Valorant" and "League of Legends:Wild Rift" amateur competitions on campus, drawing the participation of more than 1,000  teams.


Taiwan Mobile will continue to host school competitions for amateur players, to scout for future E-sport gamers to allow Taiwanese E-sport professionals to shine in world tournaments.


"League of Legends," an online multiplayer battle arena game, has had attracted over 180 million players across the world since its debut in Taiwan in 2011. "League of Legends" has maintained its high popularity,  being the focus of many players at the world championship.


Apart from being an immensely successful game for many years, 2021 saw "League of Legends" expand its IP into animation in the title "Arcane," which even won the award for the "best animated show" at the 74th annual Emmy Awards.