Acquisition of talent empowers Taiwan Mobile

September 08,2022

  At the head of Taiwan Mobile's "Corp of Professionals" management team, Taiwan Mobile President Jaime Lin attended a news conference on Sept. 8 to share with the media about the company's talent acquisition and retention program, targeting software development engineers, data science engineers, smart customer service engineers, AI visual system development engineers, online security breach mitigation engineers, gaming currency development engineers and renewable energy development engineers.


  Chief Financial Officer George Chang, Chief Information Officer Rock Tsai, Chief

Corporate Business Officer Tony Lin, Chief Data Officer Eddie Chan, and Chief Strategy Officer Tim Lee were also present at the event.


  Lin used "Crop of Professionals" to describe the core management team at the news conference. The other teammates were introduced to the media to show their resolve in the acquisition of talent for Taiwan Mobile.


  According to Lin, a set of financial indicators showed that Taiwan Mobile has entered its second stage of growth to achieve its ultimate goal of becoming a regional technological telecommunication company.


  As talent are the key to helping Taiwan Mobile achieve the goal, the company has come up with a brand new human resources platform, "TWM Human OS Upgrade v.2022," upon which professional employees will be respected and retained so as to allow them to explore their potential on multiple dimensions.


  "Taiwan Mobile deeply believes that talent are the key to boosting the company's core competence," Taiwan Mobile Human Resources Vice President Joan Hung told the media.


  In view of this belief, Taiwan Mobile launched a High Potential (HIPO) talent acquisition plan this year to hire software development and data science professionals, Hung said.


  Under the tutelage of Taiwan Mobile senior managers, new recruits will receive a comprehensive training and be  entitled to a competitive salary and talent retention bonuses, she said.


  At the same time, an "early bird" plan has also been drawn to attract talent still in school and to shorten the gap between school and workplace. Foreign students are also welcome to join Taiwan Mobile as interns as a way to diversify the talent pool of the company.


  Taiwan Mobile has also come up with various rewards and benefits to outstanding talent, she said. Apart from an 18-month salary per year for every employee, the company has also raised its starting salary and the rate of yearly salary adjustments.


  Since 2006, Taiwan Mobile has led the local telecommunication industry in setting up

an "employee stock ownership trust system," where part of an employee's monthly salary coupled with the same amount of fund provided by the company was allocated to the trust. Now under its upgraded "employee stock ownership trust system 2.0," the amount allocated by Taiwan Mobile for its staff is higher and better than that provided by many other telecommunication companies, she said.


  In terms of taking care of employees, Taiwan Mobile has increased the period of paid maternity leave from eight weeks to 10 weeks, while providing birth and child-raising

subsidies up to NT$120,000. During the COVID-19 pandemic period, all employees were

entitled to an additional COVID-19 insurance, while a flexible sign-in and sign-out scheme as well as a "hybrid" work mode were put in place, allowing employees to have 10 days to work from home so as to to help them reduce the risk of infection, Hung said.


  In line with a collaboration program with AppWorks School, Taiwan Mobile also encourages employees to continue learning on the job, offering them a full paid 20-week training to learn new know-how. Around 86 percent of those who have completed the training have been transferred to a new position.


  Meanwhile, a "workplace club" is also on offer to encourage employees to break out

from what they originally learned by taking 20 percent of their work hours to learn extra new skills at different departments and promote cross-departmental interactions.


  More than that, Taiwan Mobile periodically holds competitions on innovative proposals and creative learning, helping employees learn from each other and grow on the company's platform.


  Chief Data Officer Eddie Chan shared the story of one data science professional in his team.


  The co-worker, who originally worked at myfone in charge of project management, successfully became a data analyst after taking part in the establishment of Taiwan Mobile Data Science Research and Management Lab, where Chan said employees learned to use all sorts of telecommunication data information to understand customers' needs through learning the Python Programming Language and blockchain technologies.


  Chief Information Officer Rock Tsai also told the story of an elite employee who had joined Taiwan Mobile for nine years. The engineer-turned cloud infrastructure architect has recently co-developed a game with Tsai.


  Another colleague, who graduated from the Information Sciences Institute under University of Southern California and is enthusiastic for over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, joined Taiwan Mobile's MyVideo team as an engineer responsible for developing system infrastructure, according to Tsai.


Both of the two co-workers said they have progressed a lot with Taiwan Mobile and are happy to be able to play a role in the company, Tsai said.


  Chief Consumer Business Officer Tony Lin also recounted his personal "entanglement" with Taiwan Mobile.


  Starting his job career as a computer scientist at the age of 13, Lin said he became a manager at a Taiwan Mobile franchise store at 20.


  According to Lin, he later built his own business and shifted to other industries. Over the years, he has collaborated with Taiwan Mobile many times, he said.


  Lin said he formally joined Taiwan Mobile this year as chief corporate business officer, with an aim of helping the company accelerate the pace in transforming itself into a regional technological telecommunication company that could boast of a market value of more than hundreds of billions in U.S. dollars.