Taiwan Mobile Co. claims its 15th "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award," honored with the 8th place in the large enterprise sector and the top spot in the telecommunication sector for 7th years in a row

September 08,2022

The 16th annual "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award" by

Commonwealth Magazine was held on Sept. 8. A long-time CSR (corporate social responsibility) advocate, Taiwan Mobile claimed the 8th place in the large enterprise sector and yet again topped the chart in telecommunication sector for the 7th consecutive year.


Taiwan Mobile scored outstandingly this year in the four aspects of the criteria -- "Corporate Governance," "Sustainability," "Corporate Commitment," and "Social



This year marks Taiwan Mobile's 15th time picked as the top 10 CSR company

in the awards' 16-year history, signifying that the determination and the result of the company's commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) have gained widespread recognition.


"Taiwan Mobile has been active in the pursuit of sustainability," Taiwan Mobile Chairman Daniel Tsai said. "It has never slowed its pace on the path to promote ESG."


Being the first company to join the global RE100 initiative advocating for renewable energy, Taiwan Mobile has committed to 100 percent clean energy by 2040, while setting 2022 as the first "Net Zero" year of its plan toward zero emissions by 2050, Tsai said.


In order to bring about the goals of ESG, "restructuring and development

of the industry," "spectrum resource integration," "increase mobile network

infrastructure efficiency," and "decreasing carbon emissions," Taiwan Mobile has

proposed a merger with Taiwan Star Telecom Corporation Limited.


If approved by the government, the merger will decrease the maintenance of one set of

overlapping 3G network and thousands of overlapping cell towers, saving energy and cutting emissions, as well as creating positive influence in industry development and environmental sustainability, Tsai said.


According to statistics, the demand for green energy of corporations which joined RE100 is 30 billion kWh annually, Taiwan Mobile President Jaime Lin, who received the awards on behalf of the company at the ceremony, said when giving suggestions regarding Taiwan's green energy supply.


The demand will increase to 100 billion kWh per year if potential participants in RE100 are included, Lin explained.


Yet, Taiwan Power Company's green energy supply can only reach a little more than 10

billion kWh per year, with the private sector providing around 3 billion kWh. However,

both can see only an increase in green energy of less than 1 billion in annual supply, far falling short of demand, he said.


"Green energy is in high demand yet with very little supply, making

the building of green power plants the top priority."

Lin's remarks were immediately echoed by Deputy Minister of

Economic Affairs Tseng Wen-sheng at the award ceremony, who said that

the government is fully

aware of the issue and is expected to increase 8 billion kWh of

green energy in supply for corporations to purchase the next year."


Taiwan Mobile performed outstandingly in "Corporate

Governance"   in this year's evaluation.


The composition of the board of directors of Taiwan Mobile is very

diverse, which not only includes internationally acclaimed professionals, but also

independent directors who account for more than half of the entire board of directors,

making Taiwan Mobile a trailblazer in the telecommunication industry and

gaining a high approval rating from judges to

earn the 4th place in this aspect.


What's more, Taiwan Mobile has been ranked among the top 5 percent companies in Corporate Governance evaluation for eight years in a raw, while being awarded with the title of the

"Most Honored Company" in the 2022's Asia Executive Team Survey in the

category of telecommunication industry (not including PRC) by world famous media outlet "Institutional Investor."

Taiwan Mobile President Jaime Lin was also named as the No. 1 "Best CEO" by

"Institutional Investor."

Taiwan Mobile sees its employees as companions in the pursuit of sustainable

growth. In the "Corporate Commitment" aspect this year, Taiwan Mobile was given

the complement of providing "all rounded support for COVID-19 pandemic, as well as strong backing

for employees to take care of their children." It was ranked 6th in this evaluation this year.


Apart from being the first to promote work from home in order to protect its

employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan Mobile further promoted Hybrid operating organizations, where employees are offered 10 days per month

to work from home so as to achieve a work-life balance.

At the same time, a childcare benefit better than the legal requirement is being offered

to female employees who can enjoy 77 days of paid leave during and after the



This year the company largely raises its maternity subsidy from NT$3,000 to

NT$60,000. Employees with children under 6 years old can receive a further subsidy of

NT$10,000 per year, maxing at NT$120,000. In addition, a "Childcare

Loans" program was also put in place to provide low interest loans to help employees reduce the burden on rearing their kids. Last year, Taiwan Mobile employees gave birth to a total of 187 newborn babies, posting a rough birth rate of 32.08, which is far higher than the average of 6.55 nationwide.


In terms of employee recruitment and cultivation, Taiwan Mobile has announced an

increase in salary of 7 percent this year, providing an attractive and competitive environment for younger generations to join and to hire more talented people with high enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly.

Taiwan Mobile also uses a multitude of online and offline classes to

build employees' "ability to imagine," "ability to transform," "ability to use

technology", "data analytical ability," "ability to have insights," and "ability to

innovate" to educate its staff who last year recorded an average of 62.5 hours of online learning.


Taiwan Mobile also encourages its employees to study while working through an employee education program and

AppWorks School to foster new talents. It offers 20 weeks of fully

paid learning opportunities in order to open up a wide range of career

advancements for employees.


In terms of social participation, Taiwan Mobile continues to integrate its core value in

technology. Under the theme of "Embrace technology with love," over 20 social

participation initiatives have been developed and rolled out, ranging from "community care,"

"technological charities," "technological inclusions," and "social emergency response



During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Taiwan Mobile started an educational

tablets fund-raising initiative. In collaboration with 7 non-profit organizations, it launched two waves of

fund-raising campaigns for less privileged students, in which students from remote areas of the country can participate in the distance education. Taiwan Mobile itself donated 200 brand

new tablets, while through Taiwan Mobile's "iSharing" platform, a total of 2,257

tablets were collected in two months.

What's more, Taiwan Mobile also has launched a "Bilingual Online" program, where 20

volunteers offer distance English learning opportunities in a total of 960 hours to allow

the less fortunate students to learn digitally and use the power of technology to turn their life around.


"Environmental sustainability" is another aspect of great concern to Taiwan Mobile.

Apart from an enthusiastic response to United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs,) it set 52 KPIs in ESG in 2021, with 13 of

the KPIs in 14 fields having been achieved, saving a total of 10,547 million kWh in electricity.

At the year end of 2021, Taiwan Mobile started the "Net Zero" plans, projecting to

build own renewable power plants that should make up 70 percent of the total, whilst seeking to achieve the goal of RE100 by fully

using green energy by 2040 ahead of beating the target of promised zero emissions by 2050.


This earned praises, such as "solid results from

decreasing emission, ambition to decrease carbon emissions, and a clear objective and path to achieve

zero emission by 2050 " from judges.

Till 2021, Taiwan Mobile had acquired the capacity to generate 12.46 MW of green energy.

It is expected to see

a 3.5MW capacity of solar power system start to generate 24.95 million kWh by the end of this year

to help cut 12,524 metric tons of carbon dioxide for the earth, making an impact on

Taiwan's goal of slashing carbon emission.