Taiwan Mobile forges partnership with CloudMile

March 02,2022

Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd., announced on March 2 its investment in Asia's leading artificial intelligence and cloud service provider CloudMile to build a strategic partnership between the two companies.


By having invested US$8 million in its C round financing, Taiwan Mobile has taken a seat on CloudMile's board of directors. Through this deep bilateral collaboration, Taiwan Mobile will be able to offer corporate clients  more thorough solutions built  upon its existing advantages in telecommunication services and cloud-based services, create higher added value through 5G cloud applications and accelerate corporate digital transformation.


"We are optimistic about the ever increasing demand for 'on cloud' and 'off cloud' services, as well as demand for 'platform as a service (PaaS),' 'software as a service (SaaS)' and 'artificial intelligence as a service (AIaas),' as corporations  are undergoing a rapid digital transformation," Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin said.


"We are happy to form an alliance with our elite partner CloudMile, the first company in Taiwan to receive Google Cloud MSP certification," Lin said.


This alliance will see the creation of a corporate cloud service ecosystem, which will help Taiwanese companies "Open Possible " and drive them to break into the greater market of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as Taiwan Mobile morphs into a regional technology and telecommunication conglomerate, according to Lin.


"CloudMile sets building Taiwan's digital cloud ecosystem as its goal, helping companies accelerate digital transformation and achieve industrial upgrading," Spencer Liu, founder and chief executive officer of CloudMile, said.


"Taiwan Mobile has been a competent and innovative company, which has long shed the framework of a traditional telecommunication company, and we are proud to be working with such a partner by revolutionizing the structure of Taiwanese industries through cloud-based flexible applications and rapid responses," Liu said.


Under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government and companies started to value cloud technology applications for the past two years. But Taiwan Mobile has observed that the greatest challenge of a big corporation is the different needs of its subsidiaries, which could cause overlapping investments and difficulties in management.


In addition to developing a private cloud, Taiwan Mobile has a professional data center and rich resources in telecommunication grade cyber security services. Its cooperation with CloudMile will help create synergy for the two sides. Not only does it increase multiple benefits of CloudMile's public cloud, but Taiwan Mobile can also capitalize on CloudMile's cross-cloud applications to break the barriers that different cloud technology imposes among its customers.


Besides providing companies with better hybrid cloud computing infrastructure as a service, Taiwan Mobile's alliance with CloudMile strives to combine CloudMile's AI expertise with Taiwan Mobile's business momentum to devise customized AI solutions for corporations through SaaS applications.


The two sides can further advance their cooperation to build value-added 5G private network to design customized applications to meet the specific needs of corporate clients.