First in the World! Taiwan Mobile collaborates with Kbro. Cloud gaming brought to households through cable TV. Enjoy GeForce NOW in the Kbro A1 Box stream through any screen at home

November 11,2021

The "GeForce NOW -- Taiwan Mobile Alliance" cloud gaming platform (GeForce NOW) celebrates its first anniversary with the announcement of yet another alliance between Taiwan Mobile and Kbro, the country's biggest cable television system operator, marking a brand-new business model in the world, where through a digital cable TV A1 Box, households can access cloud gaming, setting a brand-new chapter in the gaming industry.

From this day forward, gaming advocates can access GeForce NOW's thousands of game titles if they apply for or switch on their KBro A1 Box through a dedicated TV
channel application, no downloading or installing required. What's more, there will be no more limitations of screens, devices or platforms, which will help create a perfect gaming experience.

"Entertainment in the 5G era is undergoing a drastic changing process, where games are shifting from being downloaded to being streamed, or the so-called cloud gaming. GeForce NOW, a collaborative venture between Taiwan Mobile and NVIDIA, has seen a steady increase in the number of its subscribers surging to over 100,000 and in average monthly playing hours since the platform went online," Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin said.

"We are celebrating this joyous first anniversary by announcing our collaboration with KBro, which through A1 Box will allow gamers to revel in triple A titles from the comfort of their home TVs. Combing TVs of 50-inch or even 80-inch flat screens and surround sound speakers, gamers can relish in visual and audio entertainments without the need to buy expansive graphics cards, to download and update or worry about lacking hardware or memory on their devices," Lin said.

"In addition, gamers can shift between devices between laptops, tablets and mobile phones to their hearts content. This collaboration marks the start of Taiwan's cloud gaming officially entering the big screen, at the same time exhibiting the concerted effort of 5G applications between Taiwan Mobile and Kbro. In the future, we will have more world-class services and collaborate to redistribute our corporation's resources, open possible for our users to bring exciting and rich media entertainment to everyday life," Lin concluded.

"GeForce NOW has lowered the hardware barrier for gaming and has popularized graphics demanding games, bringing about huge change and drive for the ecosystem of the industry. The platform now supports over 1,000 games. To allow gamers from every household to experience the charm of GeForce NOW, Taiwan Mobile and Kbro have improved media streaming latency technology by combining with the existing optical fiber network services to allow A1 Box to become the first local digital media platform to be authorized by NVIDIA," Daphne Lee, Taiwan Mobile's vice president of New Media Services said.

"Gamers only need open their TVs, and gain access to exciting games through cloud streaming. All games do not require downloading and installing, and gamers can even access games cross devices and cross platforms, so that every member in the family can enjoy high quality and high speed gaming!" Lee said.