Taiwan Mobile yields outstanding performance as it celebrates the first-year anniversary of its 5G service

June 28,2021

Over the past year, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. achieved outstanding performance by upholding its brand spirit "Open Possible" to provide the best 5G experience for its customers.

The number of Taiwan Mobile's 5G users has exceeded 800,000, marking a market penetration rate of 14 percent. By the end of last year, Taiwan Mobile had led the local industry by building 6,000 "real 5G" 3.5GHz high speed 5G base stations, offering 3.5GHz coverage for 90 percent of all the administrative districts across the country.

This year, Taiwan Mobile became the first government certified telecommunication provider to earn a 50 percent 5G coverage among Taiwan's population through the innovative "5G double play" program, providing rapid network connection for users both indoors and outdoors, while its media and gaming new technology business has also seen rapid growth.

At the same time, Taiwan Mobile has signed contracts with 30 companies on its 5G private network service for enterprises, with its Cloud PBX service seeing the number of users jump by four fold during the COVID-19 pandemic, creating an opportunity for Taiwan Mobile and its corporate clients to jointly advance digital transformation.

"Taiwan Mobile speeded up its 5G infrastructure during the first six months when it kicked off 5G service a year ago, which enabled the company to lead the competition in 5G coverage. The number of its 5G users also grew rapidly through plans such as the innovative 48-month 5G plan, which allows users to get a flagship smartphone for as low as NT$0, "5G double play" plan, "5G momobile " plan and various other sales promotions," Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin said.

"Due to 5G's high speed characteristics, users are shifting to the Over the Top (OTT) entertainment platform more than ever. The number of myVideo's paid subscriptions is nine fold higher in 5G era when compared with the 4G era. MyMusic sees a 12 fold growth in users, and 5G users who subscribed to the cloud-based GeForce Now (GFN) gaming platform is also 26 times higher than that of 4G users," Lin said. "All in all, this has created a 20 percent growth in revenue to the entire tech business of Taiwan Mobile," he noted. 

Taiwan Mobile's initiative to offer 5G service obtained an over 50 percent 5G coverage in six months after its start, and the wide spread of its 5G coverage is even higher than that of other international telecommunication companies, such as South Korea's SK Telecom Co., Ltd. and Germany's Deutsche Telekom AG, to name a few.

In the field of e-commerce, Taiwan Mobile has leveraged group resources to fully support the expansion of affiliated TV and online retailer Momo.com Inc.

For individual users, the widespread 5G service coupled with "5G momobile " plan and "5G double play" plan has served their needs to surf the internet and shop online via speed fiber optic broadband.

For family users, Taiwan Mobile offers a "Smarter Home" and 5G "Double Play"plan, which caters for the needs of "work from home" and "school from home."

For business users, the improvement of a 5G private network for enterprises keeps going on to provide cloud servers, M+ video conference service for Survival Survey and several other products to help businesses navigate through their digital transformation.

With 5G, digital entertainment has also seen significant growth. myVideo, the largest domestic OTT platform, has seen its paid subscriptions increase exponentially, with 30 percent growth in total viewer hours year on year.

MyMusic offers free lossless audio codec (FLAC) music streaming service, which has recorded a nearly 60 percent usage rate by users per month during the COVID-19 pandemic, while the number of 5G users who use myBook to read electronic books has also seen a 32 percent increase from the 4G era.

E-sports and cloud gaming are the best benchmarks to highlight 5G's low latency and high bandwidth characteristics. Taiwan Mobile is also actively improving its gaming business, collaborating with NVIDIA through a cloud-based "GeForce NOW powered by Taiwan Mobile "that went online at the end of last year. In addition, Taiwan Mobile has brought in various mobile games from Riot Games, which players can play anywhere using 5G network. GeForce NOW went online by the end of last year, and the platform has more than 900 games now, seeing a steady 10 to 30 percent monthly growth in both its user numbers and average usage time.

As 5G pushes for the development of smart homes, Taiwan Mobile has teamed up Google to promote Google Nest series of smart speakers, which already have sold some 300,000 units and have gained a household penetration rate of 3 percent, claiming the title as the most popular smart speaker in Taiwan.

In the beginning of this year, Taiwan Mobile rolled out their "smarter home" APP, which not only supports Google Nest series of smart speaker but also allows for interconnection between other devices. The APP sees an average increase in download rate of 30 percent per month.

5G is also a catalyst for innovative applications. Take Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) as an example, Taiwan Mobile has rolled out several services such as Cloud PBX, EIM's M+ services exclusive for corporations, and M+ video conference service for Survival Survey for insurance companies, as well as a communication M+ platform for healthcare service providers, a retail business email marketing platform and various other applications.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud PBX has seen a four fold increase in its users, helping business clients rapidly create mobile offices with a minimum cost.