Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. earned the best telecommunications company title in Global Views CSR Awards. President Jamie Lin: Taiwan Mobile hopes to consume 100% green energy by 2040.

May 03,2021

Being a frequent winner in the CSR Awards, Taiwan Mobile earned the jury hailed Taiwan Mobile's "highly organized management, comprehensive strategy plans, and concrete results of short, mid and long-term development goals. The company will be officially named on the monthly magazine's CSR honorary list next year, to become the sole telecommunications service provider to grab the honor in Taiwan.


At the same time, the company also took this year's Model Award in the education promotion category thanks to its Coding Fun and Digital Wings programs dedicated to educating children from rural parts of the country. Since the inception of the CSR Awards 17 years ago, Taiwan Mobile has acquired six top awards in the category of comprehensive performance, 5 outstanding projects awards and seven model awards under its belt.


This year, Taiwan Mobile has again been selected among the top five percent companies in the "Corporate Governance Evaluation," making it one of the ten companies that has won the honor for a seventh consecutive year.In addition, Taiwan Mobile has also been selected for the third time one of the top 10 percent best performers with a market capitalization of more than NT$10 billion in the electronics sector -- an indication that the company has played a leadership role in the field among Taiwanese enterprises.


"The core to a successful and responsible company focuses on enhancing its value to the society while decreasing the burden its operations levied on the environment," Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin said. Taiwan Mobile started the "Zetta Connected 2030" project at the end of 2017, which not only outlined goals of the long-term ESG strategy, but also the means to respond to the short, mid and long-term objectives amid a constantly changing world, according to Lin. The project encompasses cyber security, reducing carbon emission, enhancing social inclusion and decreasing rural-urban development differences, which ensures that each aspect of ESG is systematically reviewed, adjusted and improved.


In response to the latest trend of 5G development, Taiwan Mobile has overhauled its ESG goals into 52 objectives. In the future, the company will no longer be content at being bellwether in Taiwan's telecommunications industry. Under the complete support of Taiwan Mobile Chairman Daniel Tsai and the full cooperation of every employee within the company, Taiwan Mobile strives to become the pioneer in global ESG and contribute to the betterment of humankind and the globe.


Taiwan Mobile first included ESG in 2007 into its company's development vision and performance indicators, with corporate governance, environment friendliness and social inclusion as its goal. Apart from being titled the best in the ESG comprehensive performance in the 2021 CSR Awards, Taiwan Mobile also won a Model Award in the education promotion field of the awards. As the world is facing a population imbalance, Taiwan is experiencing negative population growth due to a low birth rate, aging population, and development differences in urban and rural parts of the country. All is severely hindering the basis of society, which urgently requires the application of technology to resolve.


Hence, Taiwan Mobile seeks to develop the technological skills of younger generations, promoting programming education through the "Coding Fun" program over the past four years and the "Digital Wings" program that was launched in 2019. In view of Taiwan Mobile's efforts, the jury praised the company for "applying its expertise in the pursuit of technological integration in emergency relief and other fields, fulfilling rural programming and education initiatives as well as building online learning platforms. The judges hailed its complete performance evaluation mechanism and a successful dissemination of the effects of mass communication, he said. The judges also hope for Taiwan Mobile to continue its efforts in resolving social inequality, nurturing talents in technology and continuing to use technology as the catalyst to a more inclusive and harmonious society.


The environment is one of Taiwan Mobile most considered aspect when developing 5G. In its comprehensive performance in ESG, the company was highly praised by the jury for its cooperative efforts in the research of climate change governance and carbon pricing, describing them as visionary, and prospective and actively meeting global standard as well as exerting its enterprise vitality, according to Lin. Chairman Daniel Tsai especially emphasized on energy conservation, demanding the company reduce carbon emission in accordance with the "Net Zero" global, which was why Taiwan Mobile became the first telecommunications company in the country to pass the SBTi certification and earned CDP "Level A" standard for two straight years from 2019 to 2020.


"Reducing carbon emission is our environmental strategy's foremost priority, with meeting the global standard as our objective," Lin said. Taiwan Mobile also has the ambition to contest the more challenging science-based target (SBT) as 5G development progressed, he pointed out, adding that Taiwan Mobile will achieve "RE100" at the earliest in 2030 or latest in 2040.


The future of TWM’s environment strategies will be focused on increasing green energy consumption, apart from building our own solar power plant and purchasing green energy, we also hope kick start investments in green energy. We hope Taiwan Mobile will at the earliest in 2030, and latest in 2040 achieve its “RE 100” objective, consuming solely green energy. All the while in accordance with our 5G development, Taiwan Mobile will abide by the “Paris Agreement” to draw up a more ambitious and challenging SBT. Taiwan Mobile hopes to start by reforming our supply chains, and lead Taiwan’s industries into a sustainable future.


For seven years in a row, Taiwan Mobile has been among the top five percent listed companies for its good enterprise governance, and it is also one of the top 10% businesses that has a market capitalization of more than NT$10 billion in the electronics sector -- an indication that the company has set a milestone role in the field among Taiwanese enterprises.


Since 2020, over half of the company's members at its board of directors are independent directors, one of whom is a female. Taiwan Mobile is also an advocate in "cyber security and privacy" in this internet age. 2020 marked the beginning of the company's Cyber Security & Personal Data Protection Committee to be supervised by its independent directors. To better protect users' privacy and rights, Taiwan Mobile has also recruited cyber security experts as high-level managers to ensure the security and privacy of its clientele.