The May 1 premiere of TV series “Tears on Fire” took Taiwan by a storm as the drama topped the chart of the TV series category on myVideo, making it the most viewed locally produced TV series this year.

May 13,2021

  Since its premiere on May 1, the TV series invested by myVideo under Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. , has become the most viewed drama on myVideo platform, defeating popular Chinese TV series, such as “The Long Ballad” starring Dilraba Dilmurat,  “My Heroic Husband” starring Kevin Guo, and South Korea’s “Sell Your Haunted House” starred by Chang Nara and Jeong Yong-Hwa. 

The drama has attracted many newcomers to myVideo platform, allowing it to enjoy the highest view rate in Taiwan in the first half of the year. On May 1, the number of visitors to myVideo increased by more than 30 percent compared with the previous weekend, with over 260,000 viewers giving high approval ratings.


  “Tears on Fire” has gained a lot of praise from the audience for its tight storyline. During its premiere, myVideo found the most viewed scene was the friendly banters between teammates of the Tong-An fire brigade when finishing their missions. While scenes on the fraternity of the firemen were viewers’ favorite,  the thrilling firefighting scenes during an apartment fire and the cute conversation between emergency room nurses and two firemen from the Tong-An fire brigade earned the second and the third place. 

These scenes not only aroused the interest of the viewers, but also gained the appreciation and resonance of real-life firemen on social media. Firemen commented on several forums, saying the drama captured their daily lives and incorporated their daily interactions within the scripts. They said it took them back to the days they were serving as fire brigade substitute civilian servicemen, which garnered a great deal of respect for firemen from netizens.


  Several online offers provided by myVideo on the "Tears on fire" premiere as a response to the strong support of the viewers were all snatched up quickly. On May 8, myVideo announced on its website that users who subscribe to specific monthly or annual subscription plans can get a limited edition of face masks jointly designed by the “Tears on Fire” production team and mask maker, China Surgical Dressings Center Co., Ltd., while 3 percent of the subscription fee will be donated to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to allow fans of the drama to help burned victims.


  myVideo also offers some special subscription plans for those who haven’t  followed  “Tears on Fire.” Starting immediately,  those who sign Taiwan Mobile’s 5G plan or its 5G+Wifi 6 plan can watch the entire series for free!.