Taiwan Mobile participated the First-Ever GeSI "Digital With Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer2030" Report

September 26,2019

The United Nations' General Assembly and Climate Week, both watched by millions, took place this week in New York. Taiwan Mobile (TWM) worked with two US telecoms giants, AT&T and Verizon, the International Conference on Communications (ICC), Climate-KIC, the EU's new knowledge innovation organization for climate change, and others to jointly sponsor the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) in implementing the "Digital With Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer2030" research report. On the 26th, the report was also delivered to the world for the first time. It quantifies, verifies and elaborates on how digital technology can have a revolutionary effect on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report also won support from Jeffrey Sachs, one of the most important advocates for the SDGs, and many other major leading figures, as well as Facebook and other multinational corporations. Within this research report that took nearly a year, and required outlays in the millions, TWM demonstrates to the international audience the TWM-owned myAir PM2.5 detector, base station smart energy efficiency systems, HomeSecurity home protection services, and other projects. These give proof positive of TWM's value and contributions to global sustainable development.


TWM, which has in recent years repeatedly laid out forward-looking CSR plans, served as one of three major enterprises on the Steering Committee, alongside AT&T and Telstra. Together with a specialized consulting team from Deloitte, this major international research project was completed. TWM participated as a silver sponsor in all aspects of the research. The report also contains a quote from Jamie Lin, President of TWM: "The report markedly recognizes the criticality of delivering impactful solutions at scale to many of the world's most pressing problems. In the meantime, even the most promising solution needs to be carefully executed in order to maximize its positive impact. Taiwan Mobile's priority is therefore in devising and delivering well-thought-out programs that speed up the transition to a sustainable world."


GeSI members come primarily from the ICT sector's top enterprises and international organizations. TWM joined the organization in 2016. In the same year, TWM was added to the GeSI Board by member vote, becoming Asia's first GeSI Board representative. In doing so, TWM became an equal partner with pioneering companies AT&T, Dell, Telstra and the EU organization Climate-KIC. Together, the group is working to plan the future blueprints that will drive sustainable development for the ICT sector. GeSI Board representative Iris Liu, Vice President of Taiwan Mobile, stated that the "Digital With Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer2030" report, from initial conception to implementation, has taken the Board, relevant personnel, and external specialists more than half a year to complete. It has taken back-and-forth discussion and planning that has bridged countries, time zones, and four continents (Eurasia, the Americas, Australia, and Asia). Now, the report is finally ready for the world. The process has been rigorous, and the conclusions are substantial. Of ICT and sustainable development reports in recent years, this is surely the one that has received the most international attention, and has had the most crucial impact.