Taiwan Mobile's "5G+ Strategy" On the Rise; momo Revenues Top Half for the First Time

December 10,2019

Today (the 10th), Taiwan Mobile (TWM) announced its November earnings. The e-commerce site momo, part of the TWM family, contributed more than half of revenues for the first time. Electronic business services and telecom business services have become the two pillars of TWM. This is the largest milestone since TWM's implementation of the 5G+ Strategy in April. Not only does this mean a superb second growth curve for the company, but it also marks a new era for TWM's transformation into a tech and telecom company. TWM will continue to integrate resources, expand innovative services, and usher in the new era of 5G.


TWM President Jamie Lin stated, "TWM is at a turning point. I'm delighted that, with the concerted efforts of all our coworkers, our telecom business is continuing to develop solidly. momo has given us a lovely second growth curve. All the businesses under the Group's boost each other to create win-win-win synergies." When President Lin took office in April this year, he put forward the 5G+ Strategy. This strategy revealed how TWM is going to make good use of the "Gift" in 5G+ Strategy that represents a solid base of 7.2 million users and big data, as well as the integration of the Group's resource potential as in the "Group". In May, TWM and momo jointly promoted their all-new Online/Offline service model. This allows, for example, registering a new number or bringing an old number to TWM through the momo can get a product from the all-you-can-choose sector, or going to a TWM myfone store to pick up the momo purchases. "In-store pick-up" orders are growing every month. Average per-customer purchase value is twice that of convenience stores, which strongly demonstrates TWM's resolve and momentum toward proactive transformation.


TWM, which has successfully transformed into a tech and telecom company, will continue to pursue the 5G+ Strategy as its channel for growth. By extending the battle lines ("Grit") and expanding the scope ("GSEA"), it is hoped that TWM develops and grows to become an international corporation in greater Southeast Asia in the following 10 to 15 years.