Taiwan Mobile Wins Its 12th "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility of CommonWealth Award"

September 05,2019

Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility of CommonWealth, one of the country's most significant CSR indicator awards, held its 13th awards ceremony on September 5. Taiwan Mobile, with its best performance in the domestic telecommunications industry, has won the outstanding achievements of No. 7 in the Large Enterprises and No. 1 in the telecommunications industry of Taiwan. It is not only its 12th trophy of Taiwan Mobile but also makes TWM the most awarded and ranked first enterprise in the telecommunications industry.


With two aspects of "Social Responsibility" and "Environment" highly recognized by the judges, TWM won the 13th "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility of CommonWealth Award" this time. In the aspect of "Social Responsibility," Taiwan Mobile adopted "Technology Public Welfare" as the core of the management of social participation, and developed more than 20 projects that were closely connected and inseparable. "i Sharing", in particular, helped public welfare organizations to carry out public initiative and fund-raising with "public welfare micro movies.", matched the award-winning talents of myfone awards for film shooting, and received superb recognition from the judges. The highly-rated comment was, "Taiwan Mobile met all parties' needs by the way of public welfare micro movies. It not only helped public welfare organizations to raise funds but also cultivated the talents of film and music, forming a unique CSR synergy of the enterprise." Meanwhile, TWM continued to help schools in remote rural areas and disadvantaged students to take their first-mile in science education and digital application with projects of "Coding Fun" and innovative public welfare of "Fly high with Digital Wings."  The fact that "Taiwan Mobile has been actively investing in science education in recent years, and taking effective actions to turn the gap between urban and rural education resources around." was pointed out and left a strong impression on the judges.


Upon taking office, Jamie Lin, the President of Taiwan Mobile, put forward the "Super 5G" strategy and pinpointed the idea of "Green"- dedicating to loving Taiwan, loving humanity and loving the earth - as a sustainable development policy to promote Taiwan Mobile becoming an international enterprise. Taiwan Mobile responds to the eight categories of stakeholders from a 360-degree perspective and further leverages its core resources to help those in need in parallel with profit seeking. Efforts should be made to reduce the negative impact of enterprises on the environment and society and create the maximum positive external benefits. Just as the "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility of CommonWealth Award" thoroughly evaluates an enterprise for its sustainable strategy from four aspects: Corporate Governance, Corporate Commitment, Social Engagement, and Environmental Sustainability. Every aspect is firmly connected and inseparable. Since Taiwan Mobile started participating in this award in 2007, it has been self-motivated with the highest standards ever since. To win the award again is a great encouragement and motivation for all Taiwan Mobile colleagues. We look forward to and encourage all staff to make further progress on the way to enterprise sustainability.


In the aspect of "Environment," TWM has been promoting the "Green Energy and Sustainable Future of Taiwan" project for many years. In June 2019, it was audited by SBTi for scientific carbon emissions reduction target and became the first company in the telecommunications and service industry in Taiwan to receive this certification. By bravely-setting ultra-high carbon emission reduction goal, it is estimated that by 2030, the carbon emissions of Scope 1 and Scope 2 will be reduced by 30% compared with 2016, and that of Scope 3 will be reduced by 15% compared with 2018. While reducing carbon emissions, TWM also strives to improve the efficiency of the circular economy. TWM is well aware of the importance of leadership initiatives in industries. In August, TWM hosted the first Circular Economy Forum and announced its first "Circular Economy Cooperation Declaration."  TWM created a sustainable management supply chain along with 14 strategic partners, promoted the latest circular economy concepts and shared the latest international trends with more than 300 business representatives. For the third consecutive year, we have been supporting the innovative green energy public welfare, "Power for Charity," to raise funds for public welfare organizations in building self-generating solar photovoltaic systems for their own use. In addition to reducing electricity costs, Taiwan Mobile further guaranteed to acquire their green certificates for 20 years. It allows public welfare organizations to significantly reduce the pressure on fund-raising and create clean energy for the planet. "Power for Charity" has successfully raised NT$3.89 million for Taoyuan Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Center in 2019. We continue to invite people all over the country to become the Sun of spinal cord injury patients in the next 20 years.