Taiwan Mobile All New 2019 Green Power for Charity Fundraiser

July 08,2019

The Green Power for Charity, an innovative green power charity project co-created by Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Mobile Foundation, has entered its third year of operations. This project has been upgraded into a brand-new model that increases the value of donations by twofold in 2019. On July 8th, 2019, President Jamie Lin announced the 2019 Green Power for Charity fundraiser has been officially launched. Taiwan Mobile will collaborate with 20 partners, including 10 cell phone brands, 9 3C electronics suppliers, and Momo e-commerce within the Group entity, to call on the public to raise NT$3.89 million for the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers, in which funds will go toward building solar photovoltaic systems for patients. During the press conference, as a first-time participant in the Green Power for Charity project, Jamie Lin took time away from his busy schedule to arrive at Taoyuan for a video shoot of the charity project, in which he was asked to ride a bicycle under 38 degrees Celsius of hot summer heat. He also announced Taiwan Mobile donated NT$1 million for the project at the press conference to encouraged the public to shine a light on the spinal cord injury patients for the next twenty years.


Differing from the past project of using the green power sales revenue to increase proceedings to social welfare groups, starting from this year, the brand-new 2019 Green Power for Charity project aims to create self-generative solar power at the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers. It is estimated to generate over 1.45 million kWh of green power over 20 years and to save nearly NT$4.95 million in electricity bills. Moreover, it will also help to lower the building's temperature by 3-4 degrees Celsius. Last but not least, the clean energy generation also helps to reduce 770 thousand kg of carbon emissions for our planet. Jamie Lin has pointed that the renewable energy certification obtained from self-generated power consumption at the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers will prompt Taiwan Mobile to integrate environmental and social welfare values, thus TWM will guarantee power purchase for 20 years, which is higher than the average market terms for renewable energy. This gesture will help the Center to receive an additional NT$4.72 million. After deducting annual operations and maintenance fees, the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers will receive more than NT$7.8 million in revenue, so that 1 donation will yield 3 successes, and twice the value of the donation. The brand-new Green Power for Charity logo was also debuted at the press conference. The logo was designed based on the "Kadsura Pepper" leaves, an indigenous flora to Taiwan. The double-hearted leaves of the plant was used to symbolize Green Power for Charity bring benefit  to the environment and the people. Moreover, the veins of the leaves also symbolize the integration of power and telecom networks, in which Taiwan Mobile aspires to build green power and do more for the people, the environment, and the planet.


Taiwan Mobile continues to lead suppliers and partners to join the Green Power for Charity project. This year, 10 cell phone providers joined in, including ASUS, Benten, Hugiga, HTC, HUAWEI, OPPO, SONY, SUGAR, Samsung, and Vivo, as well as 9 "3C electronics" suppliers including Weblink International, Philips, BestCom, Electrolux, Tokuyo, Dyson, Honeywell, Braun, and weilink. NT$2 will be donated every time a cell phone or a tablet has been purchased at a myfone store (both offline and online). At the same time, NT$2 will also be donated every time a "3C electronics" product has been sold on the myfone shopping website. Moreover, charity donation has also been set up at momo, the largest e-commerce site in Taiwan. In addition, the 99 Marathon Club at National Chengchi University (NCCU) continues to generate power with every step they take. Donations will be made based on the total kilometers club members have run multiplied by ten.


The Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers, recipient of the 2019 Green Power for Charity project, is the only one professional institution in Taiwan that offers rehabilitation for patients with spinal cord injuries. “The Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers stated that there are approximately 65,000 patients with spinal cord injuries throughout Taiwan, and the average age of patient getting injured is only 27 years old. Spinal cord injuries frequently occur from accidents or sudden illnesses. In addition to having to cope with abrupt physiological changes, patients also need to receive physical, mental, and social rehabilitation through professional guidance and training. The Potential Development Center will help these patients to realize their full potentials, return to the society and the workplace, and thus reduce the burdens on their families and society.”  Said by the director Yang-Pin Lin of the Potential Development Center.


To sum up the results of the Green Power for Charity project implementations for the past couple of years, having collaborated with social enterprise, Sunnyfounder, Taiwan Mobile has already helped social welfare organizations including Pingtung County Home to All and Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation to build solar photovoltaic systems with a cumulative capacity of 268.1kW. Power has been successfully generated across at all receiving institutions, so that the passionate efforts from 39 suppliers and 4,233 individuals from the general public have all yielded fruitful results. The solar photovoltaic systems are expected to cumulatively generate 5.77 million kWh of green power over 20 years and to reduce as much as 31.97 million tons of CO2e, which is equivalent to planting over 14,597 trees. In particular, 166,000 kWh of green power has been generated at Pingtung County Home to All since the power system went online in March 2018, bringing the organization more than NT$870 thousand in revenue from power sales in each year. Power system has also been completed and begun service at the Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation in March 2019. Executive Director Chuan-an Hu of Chensenmei has also thanked the efforts from Taiwan Mobile and the public through a video at today's press conference. Every donation and contribution has begun to lead to a better tomorrow for the disadvantaged groups.


Starting from today and before August 31, 2019, everyone can participate in the 2019 Green Power for Charity fundraiser and contribute toward the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers through the following methods: donate directly to the Potential Development Center's donation account, dial 518007 on TWM cell phone accounts, access "momo donations" on the momo website, or through social enterprise Sunnyfounder (online fundraising platform).