Taiwan Mobile's myAir Allows Air to Talk Using Big Data

June 04,2019

According to 2.82 million entries of data accumulated from January to May, ever since Taiwan Mobile utilized the IoT technology to develop the portable PM2.5 detectors, 16% of myAir users are regularly exposed to an orange alert environment with exceeding PM2.5 (particular matters) concentration. Users from Kaohsiung City recorded the highest exceeding rate, ranking first among Taiwan's six major cities. As such, Taiwan Mobile is currently undergoing cooperation with research institutions, hoping to effectively safeguard the health of Taiwan's citizens through the integration of data detected by myAir, information of health insurance, and gene upon de-identification.


myAir features a portable nature and the ability to provide instant feeds of the surrounding air quality, which complements the air quality data of measuring large area by the Environmental Protection Administration's monitoring stations, thereby comprehensively grasping the air quality within a personal environment. According to myAir data from myfone stores across Taiwan, due to the unfavorable atmospheric diffusion conditions, from Changhua to the southern cities and counties of western Taiwan, the air quality in January recorded to be orange alert, representing a harmful environment to people with allergies. Furthermore, the fireworks used during religious events also resulted in a sharp increase in the measured value of PM2.5 concentration in the neighboring regions. Such facts show that myAir is closely connected to personal lives, providing better credibility to the data.


It is understood that Taiwan's citizens are exposed to different levels of PM2.5 concentration due to various lifestyles and regions of activity. According to Taiwan Mobile, the statistics by the myAir team referencing the 2.82 million entries of a PM2.5 yearly average concentration collected from thousands of users, it is found that 98.6% of myAir users are exposed to an environment with PM2.5 concentration, exceeding the amount recommended by WHO, with 16% of myAir users are exposed to an orange alert environment with exceeding PM2.5 concentration at 35µg/m3. Among Taiwan's six major cities, users in Kaohsiung City recorded the highest exceeding rate amounting to 34%, followed by Taoyuan at 31%. Upon adding gender factors for cross-analysis, results indicate that up to 46% of female users in Kaohsiung City are regularly exposed to an environment with exceeding PM2.5 concentration level may be due to factors such as riding on scooters or cooking fumes.


According to Eddie Chan, the CDO of Taiwan Mobile, based on the data and interpretations provided by myAir, hazardous conditions of users resulting from PM2.5 concentration will be closely monitored in the future, hoping to serve as a reminder for users to prevent relevant illnesses. He further referred to an actual case to point out that the myAir team once carried out in-vehicle testing. A lit cigarette may increase PM2.5 concentration in the vehicle from 10µg/m3 to over 300µg/m3 within 10 seconds. Such shocking figures drew the attention of people and allowed a chain smoker with two decades of smoking history to realize that he had inhaled such large amounts of carcinogenic substances and may have brought home second-hand smoke or even "third-hand" smoke, endangering the health of his family. Therefore, he made up his mind and successfully quit smoking.


According to Taiwan Mobile, the "myAir portable PM2.5 detectors" launched in January this year can track the hidden killer that is harmful to the physical health of Taiwan's citizens. And WHO data also indicates that long-term exposure to an environment of exceeding PM2.5 concentration achieving orange alert will increase death rates by 15% for lung cancer patients. As a result, the device was sold out within three months of launching. The thousands of myAir devices sold is proof that consumers are scrambling for innovative technologies that will safeguard their health. Currently, myAir portable PM2.5 detectors are restocked at all myfone stores, allowing those in need to use myAir to uncover the surrounding hidden killers.