Taiwan Mobile--Winner of the Year. Honored as Winners of 2019 Global Views CSR Annual Survey and Outstanding Solutions Awards.

April 30,2019

The 15th CSR Award organized by Global Views Magazine attracted over 180 participating corporations in Taiwan. The results were announced today (April 30). Presenting as a pioneer in CSR leadership among Taiwanese telecommunication companies, Taiwan Mobile is the only one in Taiwan to receive double honors in winning the Annual Survey (Service Industry) and Outstanding Solutions in Public Welfare Awards. This is not only the 5th consecutive year that Taiwan Mobile won the Survey Award but also the 2nd win in Outstanding Solutions Award for i-Infinity, securing the no.1 spot among telecommunication companies as well as among the top businesses in the country, becoming the winner in this assessment, sharing the title of double first prizes with Sinyi Realty Inc. This is Taiwan Mobile's 13th and 14th trophies in the CSR category conferred by Global Views since 2005. The splendid achievement includes 4 first-prize and 5 model awards in the Survey Awards.


Representing Taiwan Mobile at the CSR Awards for the first time, general manager Jamie Lin said, upon receiving the awards, that even though he has only been in the position for a month, he has felt profoundly his colleagues' efforts in cultivating CSR and their initiatives in contributing to the cause. He feels that the implementation of CSR is closely connected to the operation of the company's core business. Since taking on the position of Taiwan Mobile's general manager, Lin announced the concept of the benefits in establishing the greater ecology on Facebook. He also proposed the Super 5G strategy--Gift, Grit, Group, Green, and GSEA after he reported to duty. All in all, it shows that CSR is a vital and indispensable part of the business. Thanks to the top-down management and support by Chairman Daniel Tsai and President James Cheng's leadership in the past 5 years, Taiwan Mobile's CSR achievements are acknowledged by sustainable organizations home and abroad, winning multiple awards. Simultaneously, it ranked no. 1 in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices (DJSI World) in telecommunications. The consistent and outstanding results serve as great encouragement for the entire company. "It is with great honor, on my 30th day as general manager, that I accept the double winner title on behalf of Taiwan Mobile. Not only is this the best gift for my first month in office, but it is also the greatest motivation for me to lead my team to move forward on the road of corporate sustainability."


Global Views' CSR Annual Survey Award evaluates businesses from the perspectives of corporate governance, staff relations, environmental achievement, clients and suppliers, social welfare, and green consumption. etc. It is a comprehensive and multi-faceted assessment to evaluate the performance of businesses in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Among participating businesses in the service sector this year, Taiwan Mobile excelled, winning the highest recognition from the panel of judges. The judges said, "Taiwan Mobile clearly defined its capital investment in six areas, namely financial, manufacturing, intelligence, nature, human resources, and society. Through clear planning of its vision of sustainable strategy, the investments correspond to 7 key brand values: ethical operation, environmental sustainability, happy workplace, social inclusion, Innovative accomplishments, excellent brand, and sustainable partners. At the same time, it surpasses various enterprises in setting its 2030 goals, reflecting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN, outlining more than 50 KPIs. Taiwan Mobile was selected as DJSI World's no.1 in global telecommunications." The honor was well-deserved.


CSR Outstanding Solutions in Public Welfare Award conferred by Global Views evaluates the solutions' core creativity, resources invested by the business, social benefits, internal audit mechanism, integration with business functions and operations, and long-term promotional planning to examine the maturity, executive ability, and the positive influence to the society of the solutions. Combined with the core business of Taiwan Mobile, i-Infinity integrates public welfare and technology and other projects such as micro film of public welfare, exploring application: eyes communication, and i-Sharing platform. It makes use of technology to help public welfare groups, thus winning the panel of judges' appraisal of "the core business encourages the technicalization of public welfare and makes it multi-faceted. It helps public welfare groups enhance their digital capability with evident accumulative effects." This is also the 2nd time Taiwan Mobile won the Outstanding Solutions in Public Welfare Award with i-Infinity. Moreover, Digital Wings and Coding Fun for Rural Areas introduced by Taiwan Mobile also impressed the judges. Taiwan Mobile rendered assistance to public welfare and vulnerable groups. It also combines the strength of technology to bring forth the benefit of 1+1>2 to help the people by various means so that they can take their first steps in digital usage in life. This is the new strength in technicalization of public welfare.


Taiwan Mobile starts 2019 out strong with international acclaim for its sustainability performance. First, it is awarded Prime Status in the European-based ISS-oekom Corporate Rating, which makes it the only winner in Taiwan's telecoms industry. Secondly, it receives Silver Class distinction for the 2nd consecutive year in RobecoSAM's 2019 Sustainability Yearbook, outperforming its national telecoms peers. And now with further successes in the awards ceremony held by Global Views, one of the benchmark CSR awards in the country, Taiwan Mobile has emerged as the biggest winner of the year. Since its participation in the Global Views ceremonies, Taiwan Mobile has won a total of 14 awards, including 4 first-prize and 5 model awards in the Survey Award. With such accomplishments under its belt, Taiwan Mobile's efforts in implementing CSR is a clear exemplar for Taiwanese businesses.