Taiwan Mobile President James Jeng Reaches Age of Retirement. Jamie Lin to be appointed on April 1 and will lead the company into a new blue ocean ten times bigger in the 5G era.

January 31,2019

Taiwan Mobile convened a board meeting today (31st) and approved the appointment of Jamie Lin, who is currently an independent director of Taiwan Mobile and the person-in-charge of AppWorks, as its new president. Jamie Lin will succeed president James Jeng on April 1 and James Jeng will be retiring. Chairperson Daniel Tsai called all deputy director and higher level supervisors after the board meeting to announce the appointment, and specially thanked President James Jeng for shouldering the responsibility when the telecommunications industry was going through its roughest time. The company has achieved brilliant performance over the past five years and has maintained the highest EPS, while reaching the international benchmark with respect to corporate sustainability. The newly appointed president Jamie Lin immediately expressed his ambition to leverage Taiwan Mobile's excellent foundation, so that it will join the ranks of the world's top 100 enterprises by achieving a market value of US$100 billion. He hopes that Taiwan will get out of the role of OEM and that Taiwan Mobile will get out of the red ocean in the telecommunications industry and take strides towards a new blue ocean that is ten times bigger.


Daniel Tsai, Chairperson of Taiwan Mobile, expressed his appreciation and gratitude for James Jeng's efforts and contribution. Daniel Tsai said that James Jeng delivered on every task that was assigned to him, and despite his reluctance, it is the Company's policy that employees must retire at the age of 65. In the future, James Jeng will remain a member of the Fubon Group. Daniel Tsai also introduced the new president Jamie Lin to all of the supervisors. Jamie Lin is currently 41 years old and graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, has an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business, was the president of INTUMIT Inc. in Greater China, founded and served as the chairperson of AppWorks, and was named an independent director of Taiwan Mobile in June 2018. Daniel Tsai half jokingly said that Jamie Lin is not too young because he concurrently held the position of chairperson of Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd. and honorary vice chairperson of Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. at the age of 37. At the time, Daniel Tsai was the youngest chairperson of a listed company in Taiwan, and also win the world's largest BOT project as one of the five original major shareholders of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation. Daniel Tsai said that as Taiwan Mobile takes strides towards the 5G era and transforms itself into a new-generation technology-based telecommunications carrier, it needs to rejuvenate its management and corporate culture and bring in younger customers. He was impressed with Jamie Lin's academic background and work experience, and his ambition to contribute to Taiwan. Jamie Lin is someone who truly wants to change Taiwan. Taiwan Mobile intends to leverage Jamie Lin's experience at AppWorks in spurring innovation, resource integration, and fund raising, so that he may lead Taiwan Mobile into the global market. Daniel Tsai specially quoted independent director Jack Huang at the board meeting: "An old trunk with new branches" as he expressed his expectations for Taiwan Mobile to become an "aircraft carrier" that will steadily travel the distance, making the combination of mobility and new mobile applications the core of future generations.


Jamie Lin showed the mobility and ambition of the new generation. He said that when the chairperson approached him about the job over two months ago, they exchanged opinions on numerous issues and reached four agreements: First, he will use his years of experience in cultivating technology talent and resource integration to create a new industrial ecosystem that will maximize Taiwan Mobile's influence. Second, the target market will be expanded from Taiwan to the 650 million people in Southeast Asia. Third, he will increase Taiwan Mobile's market value from the current US$12 billion to US$100 billion, so that Taiwan Mobile will rank among the world's top 100 enterprises, and he hopes to lead Taiwan Mobile in helping Taiwan get out of the role of OEM. Fourth, his personal bonus at Taiwan Mobile will be invested into educational reform and assisting the movie industry. Jamie Lin stressed that this was part of the mission to grow the company ten-fold. He is currently cultivating new technology talent for Taiwan every year, and has cultivated 925 entrepreneurs in 17 batches over 9 years, in which 328 enterprises are active enterprises with a total annual revenue of NT$76 billion, up 90% from the previous year. He humbly said that he had never managed a company like Taiwan Mobile with several thousand employees before, and is open to advice from others. He is joining this aircraft carrier by bringing his own ammunition, and will navigate this massive ship into a new blue ocean that is ten times larger.