Taiwan Mobile Creates Innovative-myAir Portable PM2.5 Monitor

January 08,2019

In recent years, air pollution has sounded global alarms and become the focus of public attention. PM 2.5 is on everyone’s mind! Today (8), Taiwan Mobile officially released a new “first” in innovation, a personal air-quality analysis service, the myAir Portable PM2.5 Monitor. This lightweight and portable device allows users to easily measure air quality. Paired with the myAir app, it allows users to record long-term individual exposure to PM2.5 air-quality conditions. Individuals with allergies, pregnant women, the elderly, and children, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, workers, commuters, and other at-risk groups can monitor air quality and detect harmful air conditions.

Taiwan Mobile President James Jeng indicated that the myAir Portable PM2.5 Monitor is the first consumer IoT product designed and developed by TWM’s Innovation Services Team. This new product, which meets the air-quality-detection needs of consumers, is the result of one and a half years of planning and development and integration of the telecommunication industry’s four main technologies, namely software, hardware, and cloud services, as well as big data. Pairing the device with certain rate plans gives users a plethora of options, while also offering them the best tools for air-quality monitoring. As the world enters the Internet of Things era, Taiwan Mobile remains committed to offering innovative products and services that meet the needs of the people; and as 5G becomes widespread, Taiwan Mobile will continue its pursuit of innovation and transformation and will broaden the scope of knowledge within the IoT ecosystem.

Showing their intent to make substantial contributions to cancer research, Taiwan Mobile President James Jeng and Taiwan Mobile Foundation Chairman San-cheng Chang have jointly announced the “myAir Public Welfare Contribution Initiative - You Monitor PM2.5, We Donate 25,” an initiative in which for every purchase of a myAir PM2.5 Portable Monitor, Taiwan Mobile will donate 25NTD to the Formosa Cancer Foundation, funds which will support more cancer patients and clinical research.

Having long been concerned about air pollution, Chang stated that people often assume that indoor air quality is better than outdoor air quality, but that this is not necessarily true. Now, people can use the portable PM 2.5 monitor to measure air conditions both inside and out and decide whether or not to open a window. On one occasion, while speaking to Daniel M. Tsai, Chairman of Taiwan Mobile, he brought up the topic of air-quality monitoring. He immediately argued how Taiwan Mobile, being a company with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, should aim to bring awareness to this topic by popularizing the concept and developing necessary tools. This conversation provided the TWM team with the opportunity to develop myAir. Chairman Chang indicated that by using myAir, people will be able to have a better understanding of the PM2.5 concept and, as a result, take better care of our lungs.

Chairman of the Formosa Cancer Foundation Jin-pyng Wang indicated that the TWM-developed PM2.5 portable monitor could help people to avoid exposure to air pollution and find good air-quality environments for activities. He added that he is very happy that people are starting to gain awareness of the relationship between PM2.5 and cancer, especially lung cancer, bladder cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Particles as fine as PM2.5 can go through masks, so people must know where air quality is good and where it is not. myAir, a device as small as a card, can enable monitoring of air quality and protection our own and our families’ health.

myAir Portable PM2.5 Monitor weights 58g, is portable, and has a stand-by time of three days. It can be used anytime and offers two modes of operation: stand-alone or online. In stand-alone mode it can measure air quality with only one button. Results are displayed in bright double digits, making it very easy to understand. Pairing it with the myAir app offers 4 additional features, including excessive exposure reminders, record analysis, smart auto-detection, and Cloud-connection services, all of which allow the user to create a personal air-quality file. Through app settings, myAir Portable PM2.5 Monitor can automatically detect hazardous air quality levels. Through the Taiwan Mobile Cloud Services Platform, myAir can automatically calculate the annual PM2.5 exposure average and days where the threshold was exceeded, as well as provide an exposure trend chart and a life map of air condition.