Taiwan Mobile Snatches the top spot in DJSI World for Telecommunications

September 13,2018

 Taiwan Mobile's CSR performance was rated best in the world. The result of the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) came out today (13th). Taiwan Mobile was not only commended by DJSI for the 7th consecutive year but also ranked on the prestigious DJSI World as number one in telecommunications. With a total score of 88, Taiwan Mobile shone through in the DJSI ranking amongst telecommunications industry giants across the world. Out of the 24 scoring items in three dimensions (economic, environmental, and social), Taiwan Mobile had the highest score in telecommunications worldwide in 11, 10 among which were full scores. Taiwan Mobile had achieve the best score in its DJSI history. The achievement of Taiwan Mobile's sustainable development has been widely acclaimed internationally. In the future, Taiwan Mobile will continue to be a leading global company and fulfill all of our sustainable goals.


 Taiwan Mobile was selected for the DJSI World this year for the second time, and have gone from second place last year to first place this year in Telecommunication. This is evidence of Taiwan Mobile's efforts and performance in terms of CSR, and that it has become a great example for international companies. Daniel M.Tsai, director of the board at Taiwan Mobile, said that this honor is a great acknowledgment of our work. The president of Taiwan Mobile, James Jeng, also sees this achievement as a special honor. Last year, Taiwan Mobile became a board member of the GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative) and acted as a proponent and propeller of sustainability along with other global telecommunications companies. The companies learn from each other and grow together so that the ICT industry will become a central force in global sustainable development.


 Taiwan Mobile has had an outstanding performance in the Economic Dimension and is ranked as the champion of the industry; Taiwan Mobile has made significant progress in two scoring items, Supply Chain Management and Innovation Management. The company made the biggest improvement in Innovative Management (+16 points) and received a full score. In order to create a sustainable supply chain, Taiwan Mobile not only adopted the E-TASC supply chain management platform, developed by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, but also started to implement the newest "Tenders Must Complete The CSR Self-Evaluation Questionnaire Before Tendering For Major Sourcing Events" policy from June of this year, so that all suppliers will work together to fulfill corporate social responsibility. In Innovation Management, Taiwan Mobile founded the Innovation Management Committee, based on the structure of the CSR committee. Due to the company's structural reform, it has invested heavily in the Tech Talent Development Project, cultivating AI, Big Data, and IoT talents among existing employees; We have established Innovation Proposals with unlimited bonuses, encouraging employees to innovate. We also set up an incubator system, turning employees' ideas into viable business cases. If the cases perform satisfactorily, the proposing employees can join the list of profit-sharers.


 In the Social Dimension, Taiwan Mobile has performed admirably. In Social Reporting, the company increased by 11 points and received a full score. Taiwan Mobile has been promoting charity with the help of new technology. It has promoted more than 20 charity projects, targeting different needs of society. It also set up multiple Zetta Connected 2030 KPI goals in the CSR Report. Combining its core resources, the company is committed to philanthropy in society and well-being within the company. Corporate Responsibility has been internalized in the mindset of the company's employees. The company, from the top down, is fully dedicated to social engagement.


 In the Environmental Dimension, Taiwan Mobile maintained a high level as usual. In Environmental Reporting, it has received a full score for two consecutive years. Faced with global climate change, Taiwan Mobile is committed to environmental sustainability and has set environmentally related 2030 KPI goals in the CSR report. Moreover, Taiwan Mobile has promoted the Green Energy Initiative "TWM Green Energy Promises a Brighter, More Sustainable Future" for four consecutive years. In the Green Power for Charity project of 2018, the company raised NT$8.95 million for the Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation to build solar-powered panels on roofs to create green energy and receive revenue from electricity sales. The effort has been widely responded to by supplier partners and the public. It is slated to continue until the end of September, and we welcome you to give to this project, which combines charity with innovation and creates green energy for Taiwan.