The Only Winner among Telecoms Peers, Taiwan Mobile won "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award" from Common Wealth Magazine

August 29,2018

Judging Panel: TWM used the company's core resources to continue making changes for society of Taiwan

The awards ceremony for the CommonWealth Magazine's 2018 “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award” was held today (29th), and once again, Taiwan Mobile has achieved outstanding results. Among Taiwan's 200+ competitors, only Top.10 large enterprises won the awards, and Taiwan Mobile is the only winner in telecom industry! This is Taiwan Mobile's 11th “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award” since 2007. TWM has made efforts in CSR and sustainable development for ages; the company's CSR performances have received wide recognition from domestic/international awards organizations. Meanwhile, Taiwan Mobile will continue achieving the goal to become the international benchmark corporation.

James Jeng, the President of Taiwan Mobile, expressed that in order to prepare for the emergence of the 5G era, Taiwan Mobile repositioned itself as an Internet technology company in the new generation, apart from a traditional telecommunications provider. TWM prides itself on being a benchmark enterprise in terms of sustainability, and that it is the first corporation to respond the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Taiwan. Last year, our brilliant performance earned us a place on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World Index, ranking first in Taiwan and second in global telecom industry. In 2017, we have reached all targets of the CSR Vision 2020 Project, ahead of our schedule and currently expanded the Sustainability Vision 2030 Blueprint, "Zetta Connected 2030", which selected the word “Zetta (10^21)”, a pun for “a very big heart” in Mandarin Chinese, as the theme of our vision plan for the next decade. How big your heart is; then how great your vision will be! We expect TWM to become the center of connectivity for everything-besides establishing connections between human, objects, and time and space, the most important thing is to have heart-to-heart connections among people-we aim to work toward an unlimited future with our eight major stakeholders to achieve our fundamental goal of sustainable development.

CommonWealth Magazine's “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award” selected Taiwan's top-ranked corporate citizens based on the following four aspects: corporate governance, corporate commitment, social engagement, and environmental sustainability. Taiwan Mobile's efforts invested in fulfilling CSR have received positive reviews from the judging panel of the “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award”; members of the panel stated that ”Taiwan Mobile developed charitable projects with various needs of society. The company implemented more than 20 charitable projects in 2017 and committed itself to cultivate digital content talents, transform public service with technology. Furthermore, Taiwan Mobile used the company's core resources to continue making changes for society of Taiwan.”

Taiwan Mobile has transformed public service with technology for ages, and also produced outstanding results in corporate governance and corporate commitment. TWM was Taiwan's first telecom provider to announce its True Value and SROI, and implemented more than 20 charitable projects, including the provision of multi-services for disadvantaged groups and elders in myfone stores to promote digital communion, “i-Infinity Digital Welfare” to assist charity groups in developing mobile applications and producing micro films for raising more money, “Happy and Warm Little Hearts” to send gifts as warm dreams to the disadvantaged, “Coding Fun-Rural Programming Fun” to improve rural education for reducing digital divide, “New Year Banquet Volunteer Service for Senior Citizens in Hualien” : The annual  reunion of 100 volunteers & 100 elders before Chinese New Year. Moreover, TWM is committed to fostering audio and video talents. TWM held “myfone Mobile Composition Awards” which provide total amount of prizes and sponsorship over NTD 10 million per year and launched "Dare to Dream" project to provide amateur singers with opportunities to stand on the business platform.

In terms of Environmental Performance, Taiwan Mobile has continued pushing our Green Energy Initiative "TWM Green Energy Promises a Brighter, More Sustainable Future" for 4 consecutive years. Last year, Taiwan Mobile initiated the Green Power for Charity project for the first time. The project was further expanded this year and involved 13 mobile phone brand suppliers, 11 3C home appliance suppliers, and Taiwan Mobile's myVideo and momo shopping. Kuo Hsing-Chun, the gold medal winner in weightlifting of 2018 Asian Games, was invited to serve as the green power ambassador, calling on citizens to make donations for green power to show their care. A total of NT$8.95 million was raised to build a solar power system for Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation. The system will generate income from electricity sales for up to 20 years (about NT$16 million in total) to help the foundation. The deadline of this charity project is 30th September; the rate of raising achievement has approached to 50% by 2,000 donators until now. Taiwan Mobile sincerely invites everyone to be the donator/sun of the charity project.

Taiwan Mobile is motivated by becoming a benchmark enterprise of international caliber, striving to achieve the goals of global sustainable development. We joined the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) in 2016. The following year, Taiwan Mobile was elected by GeSI members from around the world to serve as a board member for this term, the first enterprise in Asia region to be elected to this position. Last year, Taiwan Mobile contributed to the annual meeting of GeSI being held in Taiwan for the first time, and organized the biggest international forum for the ICT industries in the world. The events brought Taiwan and the international ICT companies together to discuss major topics such as sustainable development, climate change, and sustainable management of supply chains.

In Corporate Governance, TWM outperformed the peers and delivered highest EPS (earning per shares) in the telecom industry for six consecutive years, and ranked among 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation for four consecutive years. In Corporate Commitment, the standard starting salary of TWM is higher than the basic wages prescribed by the Government and competitive to be ranked within the 2017 Taiwan HC 100 Index for four consecutive years. In order to encourage our staffs to participate in innovation proactively and to improve our innovation capacity, we institutionalize “Innovation Proposals” for any creative ideas with unlimited bonus rewards.

Looking to future generations of innovation and challenges, Taiwan Mobile will strive to become a benchmark for innovation in the ICT industry in the new age through open innovation and accumulated innovative momentum, extending the positive influence on society and continuing creating the maximum value for stakeholders in all aspects from the perspective of corporate governance, corporate commitment, social engagement, and environmental sustainability.