Taiwan Mobile Collaborates with 50+ Major Companies to Build a Grand IoT Ecosystem

March 20,2018

With the three major advantages of network deployment, platform establishment, and innovative application service development, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd (Taiwan Mobile) announced today (3/20) that it is collaborating with more than fifty leading companies at home and abroad to form a “Grand IoT ecosystem” and building the largest Internet of Things (IoT) in Taiwan to provide partners with advanced and comprehensive IoT management platforms and develop applications for a smart life that meet industry and consumer needs.

More than fifty partners, including chairperson Ting-I Chan of the National Communications Commission and several commissioners, representatives of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ken Wee, acting CEO of Bridge Alliance, Michael Shieh, head of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Market Unit, Nokia, and Linda Tsai, president of Industrial IoT, Advantech, attended today's press conference in person to jointly witness the achievements of Taiwan Mobile's Grand IoT.

James Jeng, president of Taiwan Mobile, states that Taiwan Mobile is the only telecommunications company in Taiwan in possession of three major IoT SIM management platforms, which have not only enabled international enterprises such as global carmakers to rapidly introduce their services into Taiwan within a short period time, but also helped domestic industrial IoT customers to customize enterprise IoT service platforms for providing localized services. Currently, Taiwan Mobile's IoT platforms have accumulated over200,000 IoT devices. The number is expected to reach 500,000 units at the end of the year.

Taiwan Mobile has completed its deployments in IoT, including in realms such as smart water and electricity meters, environmental monitoring, wearable devices, and medical equipments. The company is also actively developing new application scenarios and opportunities in the smart living segment, such as consumer products that include personal trackers, smart door locks, and air quality monitors, so as to realize a smart new lifestyle.

Regarding devices that protect the safety of the elderly and pets, the performance and availability of personal trackers are greatly enhanced by taking advantage of NB-IoT's energy-saving technologies, whereas for smart meters, energy management and efficiency is improved through remote meter reading and real-time monitoring.

Taiwan Mobile has furthermore been working with Taipei Medical University Hospital Telehealth Telecare Center by launching the “HealthCare”;and cooperating with Omnihealth Group, Inc. to introduce the “myHealth” service. In the smart home segment, Taiwan Mobile and its partners have extended the scope of their services to improve the living quality of communities and launched services such as smart retail, smart door locks, smart street lights, and smart parking.