Taiwan Mobile Wins Model Award in the Global Views CSR Annual Survey 2018

May 02,2018

The results of the 14th Global Views Monthly Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards were announced today (May 2, 2018). Taiwan Mobile won the Model Award in the CSR Annual Survey - Service Industry category. This is not only the 4th consecutive year that Taiwan Mobile has been awarded in this category, it is also the 12th Global Views Monthly CSR award acquired by Taiwan Mobile since 2005. The numerous awards not only place us among the top enterprises in the history of the competition and as the top performer in the telecom industry, it also displays our great achievement in terms of corporate social responsibility.


Mr. James Jeng, the President of Taiwan Mobile, stated that Taiwan Mobile prides itself on being a benchmark enterprise in terms of sustainability, and that it is the first corporation to respond to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Taiwan. Last year, our brilliant performance earned us a place on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World Index, ranking first in Taiwan and second in global telecom industry. This achievement in sustainable management has received worldwide attention. In 2015, we started the CSR Vision 2020 Project, which has reached its targets last year, ahead of our schedule. We are currently actively expanding the Sustainability Vision 2030 Blueprint, which clearly defines our five sustainable objectives – Minimizing Footprint, Elevated Experience, Realizing Potential, Responsible Business, and Creating Synergy. It is hoped that with these sustainable blueprint markers, we can continue to integrate the core operations and fulfill our corporate social responsibility, as well as to implement corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social engagement practices via a top-down approach, and continue to pursue innovations in the coming 5G era. We are determined to become the leader in sustainable digital convergence.


Global Views Monthly's CSR Awards, CSR Annual Survey, thoroughly evaluates enterprises' overall performance in terms of corporate social responsibility based on the following aspects: Corporate Governance, Social Performance, Environmental Performance, CSR Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, and Information Transparency. Taiwan Mobile has produced outstanding results in multiple evaluation areas: In Corporate Governance, we outperform the peers and delivered highest EPS(earning per shares) in the telecom industry for six consecutive years, and rank among 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation for 4 consecutive years. In terms of Environmental Performance, we continue to push green energy initiatives. Last year, Taiwan Mobile subscribed to 3.36 million kWh of green power and promoted a new green energy philanthropy campaign –Green Power for Charity – which integrated the green energy initiative, social enterprises, and public care, and successfully encouraged the participation of consumers. The campaign will help an institution to receive tens of millions of revenues from sales of electricity  in the next 20 years. This year, Taiwan Mobile, out of the many enterprises in the service industry, was the recipient of the Model Award. The motivation for this was that Taiwan Mobile "meets the industrial risks and challenges without hesitation, has the courage to innovate, and is ambitious with long-term visionary goals". This demonstrated that Taiwan Mobile's continuous fulfillment in the CSR field by using innovation as the driving force, and the active participation in international sustainable works continue to be recognized by the evaluation panel members from all sectors.


As a way of stepping cross Taiwan Mobile's 20th anniversary, we promote various innovative application services with the new brand concept of "Embrace Changes, Create Definitive Values," and at the same time accelerate the internal innovative schemes. Last year, the Innovation Management Committee was established in accordance with the CSR Committee structure, which will report directly to the Board of Directors. Earlier this year, the Innovative Proposal System was launched, in order to encourage Taiwan Mobile's employees to seek new ideas or practices in line with the company's strategy, and assist in setting up an Incubation Team for promoting the commercialization process. The proposer and the members of the Incubation Team can even receive their shares of the profits if the product performs well. This project has not only motivated employees to play with creative ideas at work, it has also become a model for internal innovation in the company. It is expected that the “Innovation Proposals” System will bring about endless innovative energy from the employees of Taiwan Mobile.


Taiwan Mobile is motivated by becoming a benchmark enterprise of international caliber, striving to achieve the goals of global sustainable development. We joined the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) in 2016 and received valuable information from top international enterprises about their practices for promoting sustainable development. The following year, Taiwan Mobile was elected by GeSI members from around the world to serve as a board member for this term, the first enterprise in Asia region to be elected to this position. Last year, Taiwan Mobile contributed to the annual meeting of GeSI being held in Taiwan for the first time, and organized the biggest international forum for the ICT industries in the world. The events brought Taiwan and the international ICT companies together to discuss major topics such as sustainable development, climate change, and sustainable management of supply chains. In an effort to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, the event also demonstrated the quality performance of the telecom industry's network connection by providing high resolution videos to the world's seven major cities simultaneously in real time.