Taiwan Mobile tops the list of 2022 Global Views Magazine’s ESG Awards for the third consecutive years and honoring with Annual Honor Roll. Enhance employee learning capabilities, winning “Model Award” in the Human Resource Development category.

May 03,2022

  Taiwan Mobile tops the list of 2022 Global Views Magazine’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Awards, making the “Annual Honor Roll” for the first time and grabbing “Model Award” in the Human Resource Development category.


  Ever since 2019, Taiwan Mobile has been the top honorary recipient of Global Views Magazine’s “Comprehensive Performance in ESG Award” for three years in a row, while it made the annual “Annual Honor Roll ” for the first time by receiving the praise of “a clear long-term strategy combined with flexible applications, and exhibiting a high level of internal corporate agility” from this year’s jury.


  This year marks the 18th edition of Global View Magazine’s CSR and ESG Awards, of which Taiwan Mobile has won one “Annual Honor Roll” Award, six top awards of “Comprehensive Performance”, five model awards of “Comprehensive Performance “, five top awards of“Outstanding Projects”, and three model awards of “Outstanding Projects”, summing up to a total of 20 awards. Taiwan Mobile is incorporating ESG into the company's DNA continuously to take action to the sustainable work.


  “The government has already announced its goal of Net Zero emissions by 2050. Green energy is a precious resource that can only be realized by the collaboration between government and the private sector. Facing the acute challenge that the temperature in our earth is to rise 2 degrees Celsius, it seems very difficult to reach currently. Receiving the “Annual Honor Roll” will propel us further in our effort in pursuing sustainability. Taiwan Mobile first committed to join the RE100 initiative last year, expecting to reach the goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2040. Plans to purchase and build green energy plants have also been put into motion to help advance the goal of Net Zero emissions. We would like to thank the jury for its acknowledgment of Taiwan Mobile’s effort, and we will continue to implement our Super 5G strategy from the three aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability and social inclusion. We will further our cause in ESG, as well as collaborate with our eight stakeholders in building a sustainable future.” Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin said upon receiving the awards at the ceremony on May 3.


  Apart from being selected for the “Annual Honor Roll ” Award, Taiwan Mobile also received the “Model Award” in Human Resource Development category, gaining jury’s’ recognitions of its “diversified innovations,” “cross departmental collaborations,” “high levels of internal job rotations,” and “high levels of employee second skill development.”


  Taiwan Mobile has a multitude of plans for employee skills development, through a combination of online and offline forums as well as training courses to build up the six core abilities of “vision,” “transformation,” “technology,” “data analytics,” “insight,” and “innovativeness” for its employees.


  To explore young employees' potential, discovering the innovator's DNA, Taiwan Mobile hosted a workshop “An Appointment with Jamie,” President Lin even attended by himself, aimed at boosting bilateral learning and brainstorming new innovations from younger staff. Over half of the proposals generated by this workshop in 2020 have already been implemented within the company.


  Taiwan Mobile also promotes continuous learning programs among its employees. Last year, company employees received an average training time of 62.5 hours, and the company also offered a total of 22 “Work Clubs” aimed at cross departmental interactions and learning, with a 41.4 percent increase in participants year on year. These programs have effectively enhanced cross departmental interactions.


  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan Mobile was a forerunner in work from home and rotational work in the company to protect the health of employees. It also further promoted a hybrid scheme which allowed higher levels of flexibility for employees to maintain a balance between work and family. The company has also increased maternity subsidies to create a happier work environment.


  In addition, Taiwan Mobile also used its streaming services MyVideo and MyMusic to promote immersive learning through “Humanistic Movie Theatre” and “Learn through Podcast,” respectively, while through the integration of M+ Messenger, an inhouse messenger software, and myLearning account, courses on " management," "new knowledge" and “vocational skill” are accessible for all employees.


  Taiwan Mobile also has a 20-week paid employee training program with AppWorks School to help employees become “slashies, opening up new career opportunities for them. Full scholarships are also available to encourage employees to become experts in their professional fields, and full scholarships of more than tens of millions have already been doled out so far.