Taiwan Mobile's "5G private network for enterprises" services are online

June 03,2021

Taiwan Mobile announces its collaboration with a system integration company Smart-Link Technology Co., Ltd. and a cybersecurity startup PacketX Technology Co., Ltd. to create a "5G private network service" tailored to the specific needs of Taiwan Mobile's corporate clients both in hardware and software.


Possessing a "Mobile Edge Computing Gateway (MECGW)" technology as its basis of cyber security, Taiwan Mobile aims to aid businesses in establishing their industry 4.0 system.


"What makes Taiwan Mobile's 5G private network for enterprises special is that it is not a technology of the future, but an adoptable service already in motion." said Taiwan Mobile Chief Business Officer C.H. Wu. Leaders in both conventional and high-tech industries have already adopted this system.


High tech corporations and manufacturing firms each have their own unique production environments, prompting Taiwan Mobile to use its expertise in telecommunication to plan out the optimized internet framework for them, based on their needs and working environment.  


The adoption of the mainstream 3.5GHz frequency band or a mixed use of the super high speed 28GHz frequency band will allow Taiwan Mobile's corporate clients to own a carrier class 5G private network without incurring much initial or maintenance cost.


Taiwan Mobile's 5G private network will rock and roll in vertical applications


Since its creation through the collaboration between Taiwan Mobile and its partners, over 30 firms have signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan Mobile to adopt the network.


Taiwan Mobile also teamed up with a prestigious domestic company in building a 5G laboratory last year, to pave the way for applications in "Smart X" programs, including smart factory, smart healthcare, smart city and various other projects.


5G private network for enterprises uses Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) to achieve lower network latency and higher cyber security


Taiwan Mobile's 5G private network combines MEC to optimize 5G framework. High-tech manufacturing, warehouses and other industrial work space are built with large amounts of network devices. Through the use of MEC, each Internet of Things (IoT) device is simultaneously connected to allow users to enjoy low latency, a high quality and secure network where sensitive information and devices are stored in the terminal.


In addition, businesses that use the "5G private network for enterprise" service in conjunction with MECGW technology while utilizing sim card as a basis for verification are able to achieve control over every IoT devices within the service environment. Data flow between devices can be monitored from a company's intranet to avoid blind spots of cyber security.


Aid in gaining the lead in industry 4.0


Taiwan Mobile's 5G private network can serve as the catalyst for digital transformation and improve operating efficiency. An investment in the private network is not only profitable, but also a key to future innovation through its applications.


According to a research by Gartner in late 2020, 47 percent of the firms interviewed plans to have further investment in the applications of IoT, while 25 percent of the firms uses artificial intelligence (AI) to remotely monitor and conduct zero contact management to help their efforts in the automation of their manufacturing plants. Smart manufacturing appears to have become the solution for businesses to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Taiwan Mobile's 5G private network has the potential to provide the necessary solutions to other industries heavily affected by the pandemic, such as the healthcare, entertainment and energy industries to name a few.