Easy to buy, no subscription necessary, no SIM card needed, no account statements and easy access worldwide.

Offers three-way international dialing services so you can call over 200 countries and cities from Taiwan, call Taiwan from over 20 major countries or call another country while overseas. Enjoy Chinese voice service where ever you are!





Service coverage


  • The following international services are currently not available: Indonesia → Taiwan, Indonesia → Overseas, Italy → Taiwan, Italy → Overseas, Philippines → Taiwan, Philippines → Overseas, Brazil → Taiwan, Brazil → Overseas.
  • Note: Actual dialing number and usage restrictions may vary. Please check the correct number online at http://www.tfn.net.tw/ or by calling the toll-free hotline 0809-006-080 before traveling overseas.




1. If you would like information about discounted rates or user instructions, please call the 24-hour toll-free customer hotline: 0809-006-080.
2. Hotels may restrict the use of IDD card or charge an additional fee for use of their telephones.
3. Mobile phone operators may restrict the use of overseas system access numbers or charge an additional fee.
4. This card may not be returned after sale. This card may not be replaced if the package is opened. No replacement in the event of loss.
5. If the card balance is zero and is not recharged within 30 days then the card will be invalid.
6. When the user uses IDD card with a Taiwanese mobile number roaming overseas, the user is responsible for the roaming costs.



· All major convenience stores throughout Taiwan
· Taoyuan Airport myfone Service Center and TWM myfone outlets