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Convenience - Check Taiwan Rail/ High Speed Rail/ movie timetables with ease!

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Entertainment∼Download the latest music/ ringtones/ games, meet new friends and shop online. Stay up to date!

match Mobile Internet

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The TWM "match" mobile Internet service provides smartphone users with enhanced content and services. In addition to everyday information such as news, stock market, sports, movies and transport timetables as well as the ever-popular music and e-book download services, there are also hand-picked games and applications designed for different mobile phone platforms. ( brings together all the best and most practical value-added services for enjoying the world of mobile Internet!

Android Service




A. Improved online experience

The Android platform aims to provide an improved online experience by offering complete Google services and applications. All kinds of software will be available on the Android platform in the future, providing consumers with an Internet experience filled with endless possibilities.

B. GMS service

Google Maps, Search, Calendar, Talk and Gmail services are all available in full on the mobile Internet just as if you are using your home connection. Plurk or Facebook at any time to keep track of your friends and find information. With mobile Internet you are Always On-line.

C. Open Platform

Android can be used on different mobile phones and anybody can develop software and hardware for Android. This means there will be all kinds of different applications available for download on the Android Market in the future.

D. Android Market

Android's exclusive Android Market offers all kinds of different software applications. You can download the apps you need from the Internet in your spare time.

iPhone service




The latest, fastest and powerful iPhone 6/Plus is available from TWM. iPhone 6/Plus is featured with an A8 chip, Touch ID, faster 4G LTE wireless, a new 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels, and iOS 8 operating system.


BlackBerry service

Your mobile Internet portal!




With over 25 million users, BlackBerry's unique Push Mail service lets you know of new e-mails right away. With the latest BlackBerry devices you can send and receive e-mail at any time so you are always "in" at work and at play!