TWM 3G/3.5G Mobile Broadband

Work and play on the move with 3G/3.5 Mobile Broadband!
Go wireless, go anywhere!   


Simply connect the 3G/3.5G wireless card to your computer to enjoy Internet access over the TWM network at meetings, on the road or in the car. Always stay wirelessly connected!



High-speed transmission: Super-fast high-speed wireless service with transfer rates of up to 3.6Mbps (3.5G)

Simple installation: Connecting to the Internet is as simple as connecting the 3G/3.5G wireless card to the
computer and changing a few settings.

Secure access: Secure authentication and encryption technology ensures secure wireless broadband access

Flexible Rates: Two-stage plan that switches from metered to fixed-rate when it reaches the set limit.

Extensive network coverage - Verified through on-site testing to provide online access whenever and wherever you want.

Stable connection - 24-hour monitoring to ensure reliable and uninterrupted service.

Different data plans for different needs

Very flexible metered and fixed-rate data plans that are tailored to your needs

New mobile Internet device offers

A wide range of mobile Internet device models available through special promotional packages

Easy application

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